Elegant CI/CD with ECS

FOG OPSAs the industry moves toward containers as a deployment artifact, we need to modify our deployment pipelines. One of our clients, Blast Motion, is a great example of how this can be accomplished. Prior to containers, Blast leveraged AWS Elastic Beanstalk and integrated that with their Team City server for a simple but effective CI/CD pipeline and DevOps friendly platform. To minimize the amount of customization of Elastic Beanstalk, Blast is migrating from native Beanstalk .NET environments to .NET Core container based micro-services. As they continued to scale, a more elegant container based operations model was needed. Their existing CI/CD server made branch based deployments difficult across environments, which slowed development velocity and increased deployment complexity. In order to meet the new requirements, Foghorn helped design and build a new pipeline leveraging GitHub, Travis CI, Docker, and AWS’ ECR and ECS. The AWS infrastructure was all deployed via CloudFormation to quickly carve out new environments.

By leveraging managed services, there are no servers to manage, either to support the CI/CD pipeline or to run the application. A simple, low cost solution that supports Blast and their need for high availability and agility.