70% of IT decision makers cite a skills gap within their team in regards to cloud migration, security and optimization.

Let’s Get Your FogOps Team Operational

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Foghorn bridges the knowledge gap allowing your business to innovate at the leading edge of the Cloud. Our deep experience gives our clients design and strategy guidance to harness the transformative possibilities of the Cloud for their organization.

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Fogops® Is More than Devops

FogOps® is a skilled team of dedicated DevOps engineers, who deliver results with expert planning, proven processes and best-in-class tools. Imagine having a comprehensive ChatOps model in days instead of weeks or months. With FogOps® you get right to the good stuff – a cloud infrastructure that can auto-heal, auto-scale and auto-secure.

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> Proprietary Infrastructure as Code

> Cloud Compliance Automation Code

> Innovation Leaps with Prebuilt Code

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> Proprietary Infrastructure as Code

> Cloud Compliance Automation Code

> Innovation Leaps with Prebuilt Code

> Proven Operations Automation Cod

> Time Saving = Budget Saving Code

Fogops® Uses the Cloud’s Most Powerful Tools

Your FogOps® Team has the depth and breadth of training and experience to implement the cloud’s most powerful tools and technologies.

Cloud Platform & Os

Config Management, Scripting, CI / CD


Cloud Platform & Os

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure



BSD / Unix


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Config Management, Scripting, CI / CD











Microsoft DSC






















Mesos & Marathon

Docker Trusted Registry



“Foghorn has really dialed in their model for providing excellent DevOps Engineering, Cloud Architecture, and Cloud Migration know-how as an integrated part of our team. We’ve grown to trust and rely on them as we quickly transform to a cloud-native architecture. The FogOps model provides us with the flexibility we need month over month.”

Dave Rusconi

Senior Vice President, Cloud Operations, Accela

Fogops® Comprehensive Engineering and Support

Cloud Architecture

  • Design a Cloud infrastructure to meet business and technical requirements.
  • Design virtual private Cloud network for hybrid and all-in deployments.
  • Be subject matter experts to enhance speed, security and cost savings.

Cost Optimization

  • Adept at analyzing current usage to optimize cloud spend.

  • Provide guidance in purchasing reserved instances, sourcing lower cost providers and regions.

  • Evaluate application transformation options to leverage cost effective storage.

Root Cause Analysis

  • Incident analysis and forensics to determine root cause.

  • Recommended architectural changes to prevent recurrence.

  • Enhance visibility  and automation to prevent future incidents.

Infrastructure Design and Implementation

  • Understand application workload requirements and business requirements.

  • Detailed design and implementation of networks, systems, storage and cloud.

  • Assist in migration and launch.

Performance Optimization

  • Analyze monitoring metrics for bottlenecks.

  • Make infrastructure or application recommendations to enhance performance.

  • Decrease latency by consolidating instances into a placement group.

Deployment Pipeline Development

  • Streamline software development process.

  • Install and configure tools to automate deployment process.

  • Increase velocity and consistency of deployments.

Configuration Management

  • Establish and maintain consistency of performance.

  • Develop recipes, plans and manifests that contain infrastructure or system configuration.

  • Allow automated builds and desired state maintenance.

Operations Automation

  • Develop and implement code to replace common operations tasks.

  • Free up team bandwidth by automating manual and mistake prone processes.

  • Create self-healing environments.

Troubleshooting & Problem Remediation

  • Assist in troubleshooting problems to resolution.

  • Debug and inoculated against future occurrence.

  • Provide deep expertise to enhance speed of fix and peace of mind.

Systems and Security Patching

  • Proactively patch operating systems and packages per operations guidelines.

  • Patch all application servers in coordination with release cycle.

  • Coordinate and patch servers off cycle in the event of a critical security patch.

Architecture/ Operations Review & Recommendations

  • Periodic review of current architecture and future plans.

  • Share new cloud offerings that may apply to existing or new business goals.

  • Stay informed of compliance, security and evolving best practices.

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Contact us and talk to a CloudOps expert to configure a dedicated FogOps® team that works for your cloud business.

FogOps® Frequently Asked Questions

Is Foghorn a Managed Service Provider?

No. While MSPs take over your IT, Foghorn works alongside your team to deliver powerful improvements to your current infrastructure. We consult on best practices, help architect and build solutions to maximize the value of the Cloud for your organization. We work in tandem with our clients existing teams and provide guidance, horsepower and subject expertise to support and accelerate business requirements and objectives.

Does FogOps® replace my own DevOps Team?

No. FogOps® Team works with your team. Depending on the engagement, we will provide a team lead and 3-5 engineers to add depth and breadth to your own team.

Will I get the same person when I reach out to Foghorn for support?

Yes. Unique to our FogOps® Team product is your dedicated, slack enabled ChatOps team. Your Foghorn accelerators knows your business history, requirements and plans for growth. We find peace of mind enhancing approach preferable to “What is your company ID?” support that has become status quo in our industry.

Are you up to date on the latest compliance requirements?

Yes. From HIPAA to PCI our team has a diverse well of experience regarding compliance. (Actually 100% of Team Foghorn have gone through HIPAA compliance training!) Your dedicated FogOps® Team will be populated with consultants who have deep experience in your vertical, and 100% of their efforts are brought into greater focus through the lens of compliance. A FogHorn cloud strategy and plan well executed not only meets regulatory requirements, but also goes above and beyond to safeguard the sanctity of your customer’s data, thereby protecting the reputation of your business.

How long is a typical engagement with Foghorn?

From 6 months to 10 years, our team can be deployed like Navy Seals on a per project manner, or become trusted Generals who guide your organization through the sometimes foggy, yet ever evolving and exiting power of the Cloud. Many of our clients find that our fees are offset by the cost savings realized from optimising their cloud design, and automating previously manual processes.

Can you offer testimonials?

While we respect the wishes of many of our customers to remain anonymous, we have received permission from quite a few of our client’s to share their success story working with Foghorn.

Is FogOps® an automated Analytics Platform? Are you similar to CloudHealth, Cloudability, or CloudCheckr?

FogOps® is not an automated analytics platform. FogOps® has partnered with CloudHealth to provide this service. FogOps® Team is a dedicated crew of engineers focused on building and scaling your cloud infrastructure using best in class experts, DevOps and SRE principals.

If I already have AWS Enterprise Support and/or an AWS TAM, can I still benefit from FogOps®?

Yes! AWS Enterprise support is immensely valuable, and the TAMs are very knowledgeable, however by policy AWS support only advises customers on their environments. FogOps® both advises and implements that advice; hands on keyboard.

If I already have a DevOps, SRE, or Cloud Engineering team, can I still benefit from FogOps®?

Yes! For our larger customers, we are a small piece of their bigger cloud, DevOps and SRE engineering teams, bringing additional bandwidth on demand, specific subject matter expertise, and the benefit of FogSource® and other FogOps® features to accelerate the velocity of their cloud initiatives. For smaller customers, we provide leadership to in-house resources, allowing your team to grow and learn from the best, while providing the manpower you need now, while you grow your team to meet your goals.

Is my FogOps® available 24/7?

No. FogOps® is delivered doing our extended business hours (6am-6pm PST). We are not a NOC, our team takes pride in working with your team to use IaC, automation and best practices that creates an environment that prevents calls to emergency support.

“The cloud operations gurus at Foghorn make sure that our infrastructure is healthy and that our applications can scale cost effectively. Foghorn has provided valuable network, security and application design for our company and truly are at the forefront of cloud native technologies.”

Sheehan Alam

Manager of Software Engineering, Blast Motion Inc.