Whether you are new to AWS or have an existing AWS environment you are looking to optimize, Foghorn can help. For over 10 years we have delivered outstanding results for clients on AWS. From DevOps in the Cloud to Security in the Cloud, Foghorn has the talent, experience and credentials to deliver a velocity of innovation designed to increase performance while optimizing costs.

premier consulting partner all aws
premier consulting partner all aws

AWS Premier Partner

As an AWS Premier Partner our clients have the peace of mind of working with a highly experienced cloud copilot on their AWS journey. Our FogOps® engineers know AWS, and have the certifications and accreditations to prove it. We have pushed data centers full of storage and countless applications to AWS. Foghorn is fluent in AWS best practices and our FogOps® Team have successfully strategized, built and deployed complex AWS cloud environments in some of the most heavily regulated industries including financial services and healthcare.


Why AWS?

Gartner has consistently chosen AWS as the IaaS Cloud leader, saying that AWS has the vision and ability to execute that organizations moving to the cloud can benefit from. Their size enables economies of scale that drive up efficiencies and drive down costs. AWS is a leader in cloud innovations and is consistently delivering solutions that exceed the regulatory, security, performance and cost demands of the modern Cloud end Users.

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When the silos are knocked down and development and operations can collaborate in a cycle of continuous improvement and continuous development in the cloud amazing things happen. Foghorn has been at the forefront of the DevOps revolution and are proud to have earned AWS DevOps Competency. When DevOps meets Foghorn, you have FogOps® and the promise of the cloud- Delivered.

premier consulting partner devops-aws
premier consulting partner devops-aws
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Foghorn knows cloud security and DevSecOps in the cloud. In 2017 AWS launched a security competency to highlight their partners who satisfy and exceed AWS Cloud security best practices. The framework for this certification covers incident response, logging and monitoring, security, access management and data protection. Foghorn delivers DevSecOps results for customers from HIPPA/HITECH to PCI.

premier consulting partner security aws
premier consulting partner security aws
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As an AWS Solution Provider Foghorn manages, services, supports, and bills Amazon Web Services (AWS) on behalf of our customers. Being part of this program we are able to meet the unique needs of our customers and offer discounts that impact their bottom line.

premier consulting partner solution provider aws
premier consulting partner solution provider aws


Amazon Web Services (AWS) publishes their best practices and has historically performed Well Architected Reviews for key customers. Recently, Amazon has enlisted a small group of partners to join them in performing these reviews. Foghorn offers this service to new and existing customers. By examining a company’s operations, security, reliability, performance, and spend we identify profitable optimization opportunities that enhance peace of mind in the cloud.

Complimentary AWS Well Architected Review

For AWS workloads that qualify based on Foghorn’s review of the environment.