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Azure DevOps with Foghorn:
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In today’s cloud-dominated world, modern organizations want to architect elegant cloud solutions that propel performance forward.

DevOps is a combination of development, delivery, deployment methods and tools that improve and automate team performance. DevOps transforms how you write, release and operate software—allowing your team to save time and add value to end-users. It is all about reducing the time between your unique idea and the value you deliver to end-users.

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Building a DevOps culture and teams whose focus is on project success via silo-free collaboration can be daunting. This is where Azure DevOps can help.

With Azure DevOps, you can easily build modern applications from beginning to end while accelerating software delivery. This lets you plan smarter, collaborate better, and deploy faster with a set of modern development services. To magnify the capabilities of your DevOps approach to software deployment on Azure, you can count on Foghorn.

Develop Faster, Deploy Continuously, and Secure Your Software With Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a continuous delivery platform, orchestrator, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, and cloud provider. This allows you and your team to develop and deploy the best software, apps, and more with comprehensive DevOps tools.

Azure contains an array of services that cover the entire software development lifecycle.

Azure Boards: An application lifecycle management tool that helps teams track, envision, map out and collaborate around the projects that need to be done.

Azure Pipelines: An automation-process cloud service used to build, release, test, and deploy with CI/CD that works with support for containers, Kubernetes across any language, any platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS), any cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP), or project type.

Azure Repos: A set of version-control tools that helps you manage your code. It provides unlimited, cloud-hosted private, and public Git repos.

Azure Artifacts: Create, host, and share packages efficiently and simplify complex build jobs with your favorite tools and services. Azure supports artifact management for Python, NuGet, Maven, NPM, and more in the same place.

Azure Test Plans: Manual, exploratory testing, and advanced test management tools throughout the development life cycle for testing your applications.

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Azure DevOps – The Features, the Benefits, and the Significance

Azure DevOps allows you to build, test, automate and deploy applications more efficiently and at a faster pace—making it popular among many enterprise organizations.

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Manual and Exploratory Testing Support

Here are the most powerful features of Azure DevOps:

Dashboard Control
This feature enables you to rapidly navigate to various areas of a project, add and manage dashboards, and build dashboard widgets.

Superior Source Control
This source control tool enables developers to work collaboratively on code, monitoring changes made to the code base. It offers support for two types of source control:


Git (Distributed)


Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)

Plan and Track Your Work
Azure DevOps system provides the ability to leverage multiple work item types, which are used to oversee features, requirements, user stories, tasks, bugs, and more. For planning needs, you can access various backlogs and boards to support the key agile methods such as Scrum, Scrumban, or Kanban.
Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)
With Azure Pipelines, your developers can employ CI/CD to automate most of the design processes, such as defining builds and their steps, implementing test instructions, and regulating simultaneous releases.
Manual and Exploratory Testing Support
Azure DevOps’ test features expedite manual, exploratory, and continuous testing, including workflow customization, end-to-end traceability, criteria-based selection, and real-time charts to track test activity.
The USP of Azure DevOps is that it is adaptable, platform-agnostic, and cloud-agnostic.
It can help you to:

Achieve reliability


Increase durability


Reduce human error

And with our Azure DevOps consulting services, you can make the most of these benefits!

Get the Foghorn Edge to Amplify Azure DevOps With Terraform

Terraform by Hashicorp is a service orchestration tool that provides the ability to handle configurations such as monitoring changes, validating, and testing. If you’d like to automate an entire project creation and have control over team projects, then Terraform can serve as a useful tool.

Azure Devops with Terraform enables you to provision infrastructure through the pipeline and deliver continuous automated deployment. Our Azure DevOps experts have a deep understanding of Terraform tools and how these tools can maximize the benefits of Azure DevOps. With extensive experience in both, we can empower our customers to achieve better scalability and deploy their infrastructure with ease.

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How Foghorn’s Azure DevOps Consulting Can Optimize Your Delivery Lifecycle

Speed up delivery, optimize product development and keep your company goals in line with your processes with Azure DevOps.

To make the most of Azure DevOps, it is crucial to have a trusted technology partner in your corner that offers expert-backed Azure DevOps consulting services. With Foghorn by your side, you can leverage these amazing benefits!

Our Azure DevOps services focus on
making the best of your budget by:


Identifying pain points


Setting goals


Designing development workflows


Developing CI/CD pipelines


Automating infrastructure and application



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Why Choose Foghorn

Foghorn brings deep expertise across methodologies to the table—working directly with your team as subject matter experts to create solid infrastructures, automate processes of deployment and improve troubleshooting.

Wherever you are in your Azure DevOps journey, Foghorn is here to enable your company to start or scale while maintaining the highest quality of service.

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