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Decoding the Types of Migration Strategies for Each Application to Cloud

When it comes to seamless migration of your application to Azure, Foghorn has you covered.

FH ICONS Application Migration

Application Migration Models
To ensure a smooth migration to the cloud, you can count on two models:
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

FH ICONS Application Migration
FH ICONSDatabase Migration

Database Migration to Azure Cloud
Analyzing your on-premises SQL Server instance is essential for a smooth transition to Azure SQL database. A database assessment can be your best bet to identify blocking issues. This assessment can provide guidance to resolve compatibility issues, as well as partially supported or unsupported features.

FH ICONSDatabase Migration
FH ICONS Microservices on Azure

Microservices on Azure
Microservices can be defined as an architectural design for constructing applications. Each function of the application operates independently, allowing you to alter it without affecting the rest of the application. A microservices framework is essential for bringing new functionalities to the market faster and rapidly changing business needs.

FH ICONS Microservices on Azure

DevOps + Azure

Azure DevOps is a continuous delivery platform that allows you to easily build your modern applications, accelerate software delivery, and enable continuous delivery to your end-users.

FH ICONS DevOps + Asure

Migration from Another Cloud Provider to Azure Demystified

Azure is hybrid-friendly and allows you to protect your data by storing sensitive material on your own servers.

FH ICONS Azure Demystified

How We Can Help You Migrate To Azure

A Solid Migration Strategy
Based on your migration needs, you can opt for:

> Lift and Shift Strategy
If you wish to migrate quickly and lower overall costs, this strategy is ideal. It’s also the best way to move infrastructure to the cloud without redesign.
> Repackaging Strategy
This strategy is best suited for moving an application with a few code changes without a complete overhaul. If you wish to improve infrastructure or rearchitect your apps inAzure, this strategy can be your best bet.

Migration Scope Definition
Analyze your on-premises environment to get insights into your dependencies using automated cloud migration tools.

Landing Zones Best Practices for Workloads
We help you avoid governance issues pre and post-migration by using landing zone best practices.
Use of Appropriate Azure Storage Types
Cloud storage costs rise as your company grows, so it’s important to know the different Azure storage types to manage them. We help you choose the storage account type that matches the application’s performance and replication requirements

Assess Apps, Databases, and Infrastructure

The initial step for the application migration strategy is to evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Azure Cloud as compared to running the applications from on-premise data centers.

FH ICONS Databa es, and Infrastructure

Discover: Get insights into dependencies with automated cloud migration tools. Create an inventory of infrastructure and evaluate on-premise environments.

Map: Outline servers as per their suitability to on-premise applications. Categorize them in a way that represents relevant applications. This gives an overview of apps and their dependencies on one another.

Evaluate: After categorizing applications, we identify which migration strategy best fits them. We then evaluate the cost and select the ideal fit.

Migrate and Modernize With Azure

Drive the effective implementation of a cloud strategy by migrating workloads. For this, we follow four sub-steps:





FH ICONS refactor


FH ICONS rebuild


Move applications from an on-premise environment to the cloud without making any changes to the underlying application.

Move an application to Azure by altering the code
currently in place

Revamp the code of the application and move it to a cloud-native architecture.

Build new applications from scratch using the
Azure Platform.

Optimize Azure Cloud
To optimize your Azure cloud environments, we perform an
extensive analysis to ensure cost-efficiency and reduced spend.
These goals are met by using Azure Cost Management and
Azure Hybrid Benefit.
FH ICONS Optimize

Safeguard and Manage Workloads

Azure is packed with multiple options to guard, manage, and secure data and applications. Gain better visibility and control over cloud workloads, and check the health of your cloud data, apps, and infrastructure—all while providing actionable insights. This, paired with Foghorn’s team of experts by your side, is the perfect combination to help your organization with a successful and cost-efficient Azure cloud migration strategy

FH ICONS Manage Workloads

Why Choose Foghorn For Azure Migration?

We are proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP). With our strategic approach and technical expertise around Azure Migration Services, our team is well-equipped to assist your company in migrating to and from Azure. We also provide solutions to first-time users, helping them adopt Azure effortlessly.

Check out our customer success stories below where we’ve enabled our customers to improve their operational agility by moving to Azure

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Our Customers Love Us!

“Foghorn played a critical role in the success of Accela’s recent migration of all multi-tenant workload from our datacenters into Azure. We did so together with the utmost focus on the customer experience, and we were wildly successful. They have been fantastic partners and our work together has led to many other learnings and opportunities for improvement in the process.”
Dave Rusconi, Senior Vice President, Cloud Operations, Accela

“Foghorn is absolutely my GO-TO consulting resource and trusted partners for cloud and other strategic technologies.”
Dave Swan, Vice President, IT & Applications, Natera
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