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New Early Access games and Massive Multiplayer Online, aka MMOs arrive in digital stores every other day, so it’s an understatement to say the gaming market is crowded. These challenges continue after launch, especially for studios that go the Early Access or crowdfunding routes. You need content management, security, and airtight infrastructure to deliver fixes and content to your fanbase, which can all take away from the creative freedom to build enjoyable game worlds.

AWS Game Tech

AWS Game Tech is a proven solution to these challenges, meeting them with such features as cloud game development, backend servers, and client management. Foghorn Consulting can manage the complex infrastructure needs associated with AWS Gaming, so you can focus on game-specific actions like QA testing for that impending 1.0 release, or designing new assets for your next big content patch.

What is AWS Game Tech?

AWS Game Tech consists of two main features, which come with all the benefits of Amazon’s extensive infrastructure. Coupled with managed services from Foghorn Consulting, it is possible to prototype, design, build, and release your entire game from within AWS using these features:

AWS Game Tech
Amazon GameLift

AWS GameLift is the server component of AWS Game Tech, and Foghorn steps in to handle the heavy lifting of infrastructure. GameLift can be considered the core of your multiplayer offerings, as it handles most of the matchmaking, social interaction, anti-tampering, and low-latency deployment across global servers.

Amazon Lumberyard

AWS Lumberyard is Amazon’s new 3-D game engine. This is the digital playground where your company can build its creative masterpiece, while Foghorn facilitates private communication, secures your proprietary content as it transitions between server nodes, and makes sure assets reach their destinations.

Accelerate The Development Cycle with AWS for Games

Beyond the umbrella of Game Tech, AWS leverages several technologies to support cloud game development,
security, and deployment:


AWS Cloud Infrastructure The overarching platform of the AWS cloud

Amazon EC2 Scale computing capacity securely, a must for MMOs
AWS Control Tower For managing multi-account AWS environments
AWS Shield Managed DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection
Amazon CloudFront Speedy, secure, and low-latency delivery system
AWS Local Zones Overcome latency by finding servers closer to players
AWS Edge Build localized applications, decreasing latency even more
AWS Premier Consulting Partner

With single-player games, beating your competition to market is just part of the challenge. A focused effort in terms of quality is necessary for those ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews. For MMOs and other multiplayer setups, the ability to scale the experience without latency and bugs is just as important, if not more.

Foghorn Consulting applies gaming industry-specific practices to facilitate cloud game development, rather than applying generic managed AWS strategies. Our DevOps experience is especially relevant, since application and game development follow similar principles. Specifically, the capability to deliver software code securely and efficiently across multiple channels and accelerate the evolution of your products without latency.

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