Foghorn’s Containerized Application Platform Accelerator

We are proud to announce the release of our new service offering, Containerized Application Platform Accelerator. A fast, easy way to test drive your containerized application on public cloud infrastructure.


Containerized Application Platform (CAP) Accelerator on AWS.
Test drive your containerized application on public cloud infrastructure

Container Infrastructure Peace-of-Mind

Demonstrate a proof of concept (POC) and quickly build the base infrastructure and deployment pipelines to get up and running with a custom containerized application on AWS.


Foghorn’s CAP can be ready to run in just a few hours


For qualifying workloads, most of the costs are covered by AWS!

Following POC success:

The same containerized architecture can be expanded for production workloads.

Add high availability, security, and operational tooling

Containerized Application Platform

Transform Your Containerized Applications

Value Proposition

Combine the power of public cloud platforms, Kubernetes, and CI/CD pipelines to automate the deployment and hosting of containerized applications. Many companies spend weeks or months setting up a viable platform to test on. Foghorn provides containerized DevOps solutions that can fit with any type of development strategy.

Service Specification

Foghorn’s Containerized Application Services

Foghorn has created a proven reference architecture on AWS.

We’ve completely automated the provisioning of the technologies required.
For a low fixed cost, companies can be up and running with their own containerized app in as little as a few hours.

The platform is a reduced version of a full production capable platform, meaning that if your app works here, it will work in production when the time comes. And if the expected AWS spend of your production environment exceeds $10K / month, you may qualify under partner funding programs to get this service free from Foghorn and AWS, with no strings attached.

AWS Premier Consulting Partner

How does it work?

We bring cloud and devops tools needed to jumpstart your containerized solution in no time. Foghorn has fully automated the provisioning process, so we are in and out in just a few hours, and pending approval from AWS Marketplace, you will be able to do everything yourself, straight from your console.

After the containerized environment spins up, it will run a sample application. Replacing the sample application with yours will be as simple as adding your application code and dockerfile to the code repository, and triggering a build. Let the testing begin!

How does it work

What is included?

Proofs of concept environments like these are designed to be lightweight, but we still have incorporated plenty of functionality, including:

A best practice Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network environment for secure testing

An EKS cluster running the latest supported version of Kubernetes
An application load balancer to be used as a scalable endpoint to reach your application
An S3 bucket to store static assets
An RDS compatible Database server
Security groups which restrict traffic to least permission between layers
A preconfigured CodeCommit code repository to store your application code
A preconfigured CodeBuild pipeline to build your application container
A preconfigured CodeDeploy pipeline to deploy your containerized application to the platform
Shared File Storage using EFS
Secrets management
Database Caching Layer

The cost of the service is $13,000*

*And 100% of the cost may be subsidized if the anticipated spend of the production workload is above $10K/month.