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Fog360 Cost
Minimize Cloud Waste and
Maximize Your Cloud Investment
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Cloud Waste Anxiety?

Wasted cloud spend from orphaned resources is estimated to be over
$17 billion in 2020.* That’s $5 Million-poof-per day, everyday.

Fog360 Cost can dramatically lower your monthly cloud bill by helping
you identify and slash waste, and pay only for the resources you need.

Cost Anxiety

Fog360 Cost

Foghorn’s proprietary CostOp tools are custom fit to your cloud environment and used for ongoing monitoring, pruning and alerts.

Cost Toolbox

Put more money into innovation, and keep cloud investment out of the rubbish bin.

Fog360 Cost leverages the budgeting and alerting tools that are already part of your AWS, Azure, and GCP spend. Other Cost Op tools change between 3-5% of your entire cloud spend, which can get quite costly.

Cloud Investment Dollar

Gain visibility to
Reduce surprise Invoices
and optimize cloud
infrastructure costs

Optimize Cloud Cost
Spend Transparency > Ensure resources are tagged and attributed to their correct cost centers, enabling showback and chargeback.

Realtime Spend Alerting > Shutdown unused resources to ensure that your spend trajectory for the month matches your expectations.

Opt-Out Auto Stop & Opt-In Auto Start > For Dev and test environments, enable our opt-out auto stop and opt-in auto start policies.

Auto Clean Up of Abandoned Resources > For Dev and test environments, aggressively prune unused storage, servers, and databases, with tag based opt-in expectations.

Auto Notify DevOps Team to Address > For production environments, notify operations teams of unused resources to clean up with no risk of data or availability loss.

Complimentary 2-Hour
Cost optimization workshop

Facilitated by cost optimization expert and Senior Cloud Engineer at Foghorn. Your IT team will benefit from over a decade of cost optimization exercises.

CostOp Workshop

Fog360 Cost scours every corner of your Cloud environment to identify:

Orphaned Resources

> Snapshots of expired data

> Amazon EBS, Azure Virtual Disks and Block Storage in GCP, etc.

> Elastic IPs in AWS, Static Public IPs in Azure and Static external IP in GCP

> Load balancers with no instances/p>

> AMIs in AWS and images in GCP

> S3 buckets in AWS, Azure Block Bobs and Google Cloud Storage

Overprovisioned REsources

> Amazon EC2, Azure Virtual Machines, Google Compute Engine

> Amazon EBS, Azure Virtual Disks and Block Storage in GCP

> Amazon Redshift, Google Cloud Datastore and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

> Amazon RDS, Azure SQL and Google Cloud SQL

Idle Resource Analysis

> Amazon EC2, Azure Virtual Machines and Google Compute Engine

> Identify load balancers with no instances or instances that run 24×7 unnecessarily

> Amazon RDS, Azure SQL and Google Cloud SQL Auto Scaling Groups in AWS

> Azure Scale Sets and Google Scale Groups

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Fog360 Cost Optimization

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