Why Use Azure Managed Services?

Managed IT Services can provide the infrastructure you need to take that next step into the digital world.

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For companies that choose Azure Cloud as your platform of choice, Azure Managed Services from Foghorn Consulting is the answer to the toughest IT questions:

How to scale your business without compromising the quality of services

How to secure consumer and employee information behind layers of protection
How to expand your brand’s reach into digital markets
How to manage data assets and monitor changes big and small
How to contain Azure Cloud spending with cost-effective practices
How to deploy changes quickly, especially in DevOps

The Benefits of Using Azure Cloud

The choice of which cloud platform to use essentially comes down to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure. These are the top 3 cloud providers for a reason, and you can’t go wrong choosing either one over the others. For Azure, the following lists a few of the main benefits of choosing this platform:

Azure’s versatile infrastructure allows integration between on-site and cloud-based operations. These are called hybrid clouds, which are a good way to ease into cloud computing.


Microsoft is one of the most dependable names in technology. This means you can rely on them for timely updates and continued support for the foreseeable future. Most importantly, Microsoft’s 50+ data centers worldwide assures consistent availability of their cloud services.


Office 365 is a familiar suite for anyone who has used Microsoft Office, and it’s a good way to gain an understanding of Azure’s structure before you dive all the way into the ecosystem.


Microsoft spends over a billion dollars per year developing security measures to stay ahead of threats. An evolving ecosystem of customizable software allows IT teams the freedom to find their perfect defense.

Why Use Foghorn Consulting for Azure Managed Services?

Working with Microsoft Azure, Foghorn has built many cloud-native architectures and migrated countless workloads with exceptional results. We have partnered with industry-leading clients that remain on top of their respective fields using strategies and tool sets that we helped develop. Our success in the field comes from a streamlined and cost-effective approach to cloud infrastructure that avoids simply throwing technology at the problem, crafting each setup for the specific needs of each business.

The experience we’ve gained overcoming difficult challenges across many industries is backed by a continued dedication to learning. Foghorn is constantly learning about current and future cloud technology so we can remain at the forefront of its development, helping our clients do the same. This is backed by 100+ certifications in cloud computing, countless positive reviews, and continued reports of satisfaction from our current client base.


Azure Managed IT Services by Foghorn Consulting

The challenge of growth affects every business in every industry. Reaching the upper tier of any given market requires the most effective tools, and knowledge of how to use them. Foghorn Consulting has mastered these tools over the years, taking practical application and applying it to our own brand of ingenuity to give our clients an unparalleled advantage over the competition. Here’s how:


Our Azure Migration services are built on secure database migration models, which include lift-and-shift and repackaging strategies. Clients can rehost, revise, refactor, or rebuild their current infrastructure, with all combinations in between.



Our implementation strategies for Azure Cloud infrastructure leverage all the capabilities of the platform. We also provide customized solutions that combine open-source and proprietary tools to create the ideal cloud-based system for your business.

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Foghorn Consulting is your go-to source for effective expertise in Azure Cloud, providing invaluable help through every step from the initial discussion to continued data-driven management.
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