The Meaning behind the Foghorn Logo


When we started Foghorn Consulting in 2008, we were laser focused on learning everything we could about how we could best help companies utilize cloud computing to meet business goals.  We spent zero time with things like logos.  Well, 8 years later, we thought it was time to use what we’ve learned and update our logo to reflect our company’s charter.  Thanks to Justin Bucktrout for his hard work, understanding our values, culture, and mission, and creating a beautiful graphic that does just that.  Here’s what we were thinking when we were deciding what the logo should be:

We add Velocity

The F logomark is created with two arrows. These two arrows represent velocity. Foghorn enables companies to increase their velocity in two ways. First, we accelerate cloud initiatives by bringing best practices, prebuilt solutions, and additional capabilities. Second, once we’ve enabled our customers with cloud, they are empowered to increase the pace of innovation and become more competitive.

We have an Opinion

Some of the original ideas were an actual Foghorn, a LightHouse, and street signs, but all of these had a fundamental problem;  they lacked direction. We don’t just give our customers all the options, and ask them what they want to us to do.  Our customers get the benefit of 10 years and countless cloud projects worth of experience that we bring to the table.  And we bring it.  We give our opinion. We tell customers the best course, and then we help them navigate a clear path for their cloud journey. This is why both of the arrows are pointing in the same direction.

Like it?  Let us know what you think!

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