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DevOps Automation: Your Key to Getting Ahead of the Digital Curve

Enterprises across industries are focused on deploying their software more rapidly and with better quality assurance. DevOps Automation has taken the center stage in enabling enterprises to perform all software infrastructure development processes seamlessly, all the while ensuring a massive reduction in resource allocation costs. Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD, and observability tools play a critical role in utilizing infrastructure automation for promoting team coordination, monitoring tools, tracking & analyzing performance, and ensuring that goals are achieved on time.

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Accelerate Your Solution Development Journey

Development teams are under constant pressure to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations from business applications.

Here, at Foghorn we understand the need for a strategic approach and technology expertise to break down silos, improve software quality, and ultimately enable an organization to react faster to opportunities.

Leveraging the capabilities of DevOps automation, Foghorn can streamline the DevOps lifecycle by reducing manual workload and help:


Eliminate the need for large teams


Drastically reduce human errors


Increase development velocity


Increase team agility


Simplify code deployment

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Achieve Success With DevOps Automation – The Foghorn Way

Engineering teams are always on the lookout for ways to streamline the software development process and boost overall efficiency. One common strategy is to use DevOps and automation, taking an engineering approach to operations, and applying an agile software development methodology.

Here are some best practices that we, at Foghorn, leverage daily:


Managing infrastructure and systems configuration with code


Self Service on demand ephemeral test environments


Automating CI/CD


Allowing frequent production releases


Shift security left, removing security gates from slowing down release cycles


Building self-healing, auto-scaling environments that are reliable, available, and performant


Instrumenting environments for superior observability

But to achieve this, it is crucial to have a trusted technology partner in your corner. Choosing the right partner enables you to implement the selected solutions successfully. And Foghorn makes that happen with our deep experience at the forefront of cloud technology.

With expertise in delivering exceptional DevOps automation services, Foghorn offers a variety of integrated solutions that drive business growth.

Our certified experts enable you to automate:

Our certified experts enable you to automate

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Cloud Infrastructure

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Security and Compliance

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AutoScaling and Self Healing

Robust Services & Solutions to Fuel All Your DevOps Automation Needs

As a globally trusted DevOps automation service provider, we are experts in the whole nine yards of DevOps automation to ensure higher accuracy and efficiency.

We translate business objectives into actionable elements by offering services like


DevOps Automation Consulting


DevOps Automation Implementation Services


DevOps CI/CD Services


Environment/Configuration Management


DevOps Assessment

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Foghorn’s DevOps Automation Arsenal

For a future-ready and hassle-free take at automation, we are adept at leveraging the latest automation tools like:

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Why Choose Foghorn?

Whether you are looking to get DevOps Automation right or just need an expert take on current automation solutions, Foghorn can be your DevOps partner for short and long term engagements. Our experienced and certified experts can provide agile automation solutions to significantly improve operational efficiency.

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