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Amazon Web Services: For the Digital Transformation of Government & Public Services

Digital transformation is here. In this new era, users demand and expect services in an accelerated time frame.

Most public institutions are shackled by higher data volumes, lower budgets, and a rise in cyber threats. To combat these challenges, many GovTech teams are turning to digital transformation to harness the power and security of the modern public cloud.

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Containerized Application Platform
That’s where Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud can empower governments and public sector organizations to break free from traditional IT data centers to better serve citizens, improve employee productivity, and lower costs. AWS enables government organizations to embrace innovation and agility, with – the AWS Public Sector Partner Program (PSP).

The program identifies partners that have a proven track record of producing excellent outcomes for government and public sector organizations around the world.

With roots from the earliest days of AWS, Premier Tier Partner, Foghorn Consulting brings domain expertise and fluency in the latest tools to deliver on the promise of the cloud for their impressive customer roster. Their storied team of DevOps Engineers, SREs and Cloud Architects achieve strong results for customers across verticals, always with security, cost, and performance front-of-mind. With A+ customer satisfaction scores Foghorn customers have peace-of-mind that they are working with the best-of-the-best.

Benefits of Having Foghorn as an AWS Public Sector Partner

Certified AWS Partners guide government and public sector organizations towards the best fit solutions to leverage the powers of AWS Cloud.

Here’s a list of benefits you can see with an AWS partner:


Simplify storage and management of personal information in compliance with the evolving privacy regulations to support compliance needs based on the applications used.


Move from traditional data centers to AWS cloud and provide infrastructure managed services.


Protect and scale cloud data on AWS with backup and storage solutions.


Set up a virtual contact center or a help desk with Amazon Connect.

50+ AWS Certifications
100+ AWS Customer Launches

Solving Public Sector Challenges – The AWS Way

With massive engineering teams solving problems for enterprise around the clock, Amazon Web Services is a public cloud leader that GovTech organizations trust.

The most common hurdle across public sector organizations is accomplishing complex projects with limited resources. This reality is why some public sector leaders are turning towards cloud computing, and while others are going the opposite direction.
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As cloud advocates we often have to overcome a deep distrust that organizations will be able to replicate their data center infrastructure on AWS cloud.


In order to get companies to migrate to the cloud, many consultants championing the cloud are trying to make their client’s cloud infrastructure environment look as much like their on-premises setup as possible. While this approach is faster, the results can make costs higher cost and in the end the customer loses the benefits from what the cloud can offer.

Because IT teams often think about infrastructure from a traditional data center sense, they can’t break away from that orthodoxy and embrace the cloud offerings that make sense for their hybrid cloud.

Big organizations are often not equipped to have infrastructure moved and improved. Applications are lifted and shifted, leaving behind a legacy technical debt. It’s a problem that requires a lot of planning.


IT Teams are in charge of running/maintaining software that they didn’t actually write, often licensed on a per hard-cpu fingerprint basis. The IT Team is then required to run — as a matter of statute, policy, or support term — in the exact same way they did on-premise.


At Foghorn Consulting, we celebrate legacy architecture and identify legacy architecture obstacles— designing opinionated, best-practice cloud infrastructure for our customers’ unique application needs.

Enabling Cloud Migration for Operational Agility

Migration to the cloud can enable you to:


Save costs


Improve operational resilience and agility


Enhance staff productivity

Hybrid Cloud environment
However, making a seamless move to the cloud is no easy feat. It is a complex process that requires the right skills, tools, and planning.

With AWS Cloud, public organizations of any size can access best-in-class technology without needing to build and maintain complex IT infrastructure. With the AWS platform, you can move your data to the cloud and easily maintain a hybrid cloud environment, while minimizing application downtime.

Cloud security

Ensuring Cloud Security to Tackle Digital Risks

In the age of rising cyber risks, it is key for public sector organizations to have a cloud strategy with security baked into every layer of the stack. With AWS, you can meet key security requirements, such as data protection and confidentiality. Here’s how.

AWS Encryption SDK to deliver in-browser encrypted workloads

Centralized reporting and analysis of logs to ensure visibility

Network firewalls built into Amazon VPC to create private networks

AWS Single Sign-On to manage user access

Amazon GuardDuty to identify malicious threats

Self-paced courses to learn the fundamentals of AWS cloud security

Analyzing Complex Data With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

With the growing volumes of data, the public sector organizations must find smart ways to reduce the time spent analyzing complex data sets. And that’s where technologies like AI and ML can help transform this data into valuable insights.
AWS can enable organizations to leverage their data infrastructure to deploy AI and ML for data-backed decisions.
For instance, with AWS, you can leverage ready-to-use machine learning models that can transform processes and can be quickly deployed on Amazon SageMaker. Also, with solutions like Amazon Chime and AWS WorkSpaces, you can ensure team productivity from anywhere.
Additionally, you’ve got AWS Marketplace, which is a digital catalog that enables organizations to find, test, and buy third-party software by AWS solution providers that assist agencies to level up the power of AWS.
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Machine learning
team productivity
Here’s how we’ve helped our clients embrace the power of AWS.
“Foghorn has really dialed in their model for providing excellent DevOps Engineering,
Cloud Architecture, and Cloud Migration know-how as an integrated part of our team.
The FogOps model provides us with the flexibility we need month over month.”

Making Public Organizations Stronger, Innovative, and Resilient

At Foghorn, we understand that public sector organizations must become digital-ready to innovate faster, deliver services that matter, increase trust and transparency with their people, and achieve their goals.

Why Choose Foghorn?

For over 10 years, Foghorn has delivered outstanding results for clients on AWS. From AWS Certified Architects, DevOps Engineers, and Security Specialists, Foghorn’s team of nationwide engineers have over 100 AWS certifications.

Whether you are looking to start your digital journey or optimize your existing digital operations with AWS, Foghorn is the trusted partner to deliver business transformation.

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