The Evolution of Cloud Computing and Aerospace

The aerospace industry is inherently complex. Established aerospace companies must constantly re-invent themselves to remain at the forefront of the industry, while startups seek to leverage modern technology to make up for any logistical shortcomings. Both face the requirements of shared data, timely analysis, critical accuracy, and most importantly, securing proprietary information that is their most valuable asset in a field based on discovery.

Cloud computing is the most inclusive answer to these challenges, and Foghorn Consulting is most qualified to become the bridge between your company and the next generation of aerospace and cloud computing.

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Why Move Aerospace to the Cloud?

There are some industries where the analog approach is the safest bet, where digital experimentation carries inherent risk. As evolution from the standardized practices of yesterday becomes more imperative to remain viable, migration to the cloud becomes a matter of ‘when’, for these reasons:


Proprietary data is currency in the aerospace industry. Using the cloud and our SecOps expertise is an effective way to add layers between your blueprints and prying eyes.


In a time where remote collaboration has become less a luxury and more an imperative, a digital space that allows for expedient communication and centralized assets is vital.

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Cloud computing is an effective way to mitigate spending in a sector that is inherently expensive. This includes cutting redundant overhead, saving time spent by personnel, and standardizing actions to optimize supply chain efficiency.


For aerospace companies seeking government contracts, cloud computing is a solution for many of their strict compliance demands, from security to reporting.

Foghorn Can Help With Aerospace and
Cloud Computing

Working in aerospace is a matter of leveraging our own development expertise to meet the specific demands of an engineering apparatus, but also factoring in compliance and security considerations that may be more stringent than most business operations.

As an AWS Premier Partner, Foghorn Consulting applies solidified principles to enable design, maintenance, and scalability of managed infrastructure for companies of all types.

We can assist with Identity and Access Management to secure entry into your internal databases, which is particularly important if you are currently or plan on working with government contracts. Our experience working with multiple forms of cloud security allows us to devise integration solutions as needed.

We can help with partitioning access and workloads to maintain a well-organized cloud infrastructure where participants can only see what they need to.

Our managed cloud services can facilitate the automation, big data reporting, and machine learning that streamlines all your aerospace processes, from prototyping to design to production.
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