Route53 is the Answer for DNS Integration for Federal Bank

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About the Customer 

Our customer is a Federal Bank, which dictates many strict security and compliance requirements for IT infrastructure.  The customer has strategic plans to increase use of AWS services as part of their innovation strategy.  In order to prepare for this capability, it is crucial to get integration right.

Foghorn’s team of nationwide engineers have over 100 AWS certifications, so we knew our Subject Matter Experts were right for the job.

Customer Challenge 

One of the key foundational components of a Hybrid infrastructure is DNS integration.  Our customer wanted to ensure that their Hybrid DNS design did not hold back their cloud innovation.  One of the key challenges to all heterogeneous DNS solutions is that we want to benefit from cloud native DNS solutions, while still leveraging our existing investment in our on premise DNS.  Migration of all DNS to the cloud doesn’t always make sense, but in order to benefit from all that AWS has to offer, a key component is the tight integration between Route 53, the AWS DNS service offering, and the other components that the customer will be using, like Application Load Balancers, VPCs, EC2, and S3.  We wanted to allow domain delegation so that the environment would be seamless, with multiple DNS systems behind the scenes.

Partner Solution

Our solution leveraged multiple AWS services in order to allow for public DNS and on Premise DNS services to continue to be provided by the existing DNS solution, with new private DNS services in the AWS environment to be resolved by Route53.  The solution included leveraging private hosted zones associated with the customer VPCs, with DNS resolution and DNS hostnames enabled in the VPC. 

In addition, we leveraged inbound and outbound resolver endpoints as well as Route53 forwarding rules to enable a seamless DNS solution.

Since the environment is a multi-account environment, we leveraged the AWS Resource Account Manager to share the forwarding rules, allowing for multi-account integration.

Results and Benefits

As a result, our customer is able to leverage their existing investment in their on premise DNS solution, but now has the benefits that Route53 can offer to their AWS hosted workloads, while providing a seamless DNS solution across private and public hosted zones.  

Those features, including API access to DNS settings, has allowed the customer to increase their development velocity by dynamically modifying their DNS settings leveraging infrastructure as code, while keeping management costs low.  

About the Partner

Foghorn Consulting was founded in 2008 with a mission to ensure that cloud computing initiatives deliver maximum value for its customers. Based in the Silicon Valley, Foghorn provides domain expertise in strategy, planning, execution and managed cloud services to high-growth and enterprise companies seeking a cloud partner. Our team of DevOps engineers, SRE’s and certified cloud architects bring over 20 years of domain expertise to ensure your cloud initiatives are a success.



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