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When clients engage Foghorn, we promise the best and brightest engineers to transform not only their infrastructure but also their overall business using the latest and greatest cloud technologies. Our team from around the country has been on the cutting edge of cloud development, since the inception of the cloud. 

One huge advantage our clients have is that over the span of a year, each of our engineers may work across numerous verticals, getting a varied and wide-ranging experience, accumulating best practices from one industry, and implementing those in another. We couldn’t be more proud of our entire team who has hundreds of collective accreditations and certifications to prove their commitment to the latest technologies and performance excellence.

The AWS Certifications are the cloud industry Gold standard. These often stressful exams are designed to validate the skill sets and the experience of practitioners. Did you ever wonder who came up with the exams? Until 2018, exam content was created using internal only AWS employees, but in 2018, AWS opened the opportunity for external customers and partners to contribute their valuable input and real-world experience, which has greatly strengthened the efficacy of the exams.

When AWS opened up the Subject Matter Expert program to customers and partners, they looked to their partner ecosystem; (where Foghorn is a Premier Partner). Foghorn’s East Coast Regional Director Matthew Kohn came to mind as he had delivered many transformative outcomes on AWS for Foghorn clients. Since then Matthew has been incredibly instrumental in creating and reviewing content for several AWS Certification exams. With deep experience and seven certifications of his own, we were not surprised that Matthew has what it takes to help write and refine these laborious and challenging exams. 

Matthew has been invited to various AWS offices around the country, including HQ and has helped develop the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam, as well as participate in various alpha/pilots in-person and remotely for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate exam. In doing so, he gets to network with other thought leaders inside and outside of AWS, has obtained a lot of AWS swag, and has earned the title and Digital Badge of an AWS Subject Matter Expert!

“It’s such a fun experience to meet other AWS practitioners from around the country. We all keep in touch and continue to share insights and best practices,” shares Matthew Kohn. “The pressure is on me now as I need to retake my AWS DevOps certification, and as a contributor, I need to make sure I ace it as well.”

AWS is always looking for more of the best and brightest to make the next iteration of the exams more performant. If you hold an AWS Certification, are doing hands-on work on a regular basis relevant to what is covered in the certifications, and would like to help create and review content, AWS would love to have you join the program. For more information, and to apply, click here.

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