Foghorn Announces AWS Premier Partner Status


foghorn consulting is an aws premier consulting partnerFoghorn Achieves Amazon Web Service’s Highest Partner Status

10 years ago we had a vision. Customer by customer we built a business that was focused on delivering the best outcomes for our clients moving to or expanding in the cloud. In that 10 years we have earned the trust of our clients and been proud to strengthen our partnership with AWS to have achieved Premier Status as an AWS Partner. This is the highest level of partnership with AWS and confirms Foghorn’s commitment to offering our clients the highest value consulting offerings for public cloud design, implementation, migration and ongoing operations.


What does it take to become a Premier Partner?


what does it take to become an aws premier partner


This year we had our processes, procedures and practices audited by a 3rd party and have been awarded AWS DevOps Competency, AWS Well-Architected and AWS Security Competency. Individual Foghorn team member certifications and accreditations are a huge part of confirming our FogOps team’s breadth and depth of skills. For Premier Status our team needed 76, we racked up over 100.


Another important criteria for AWS Premier is a consistent track record of success proven with ten customer references. We delivered above and beyond that number and continue to be grateful for the trust our clients place in our team as we celebrate strong outcomes in the cloud together.


How does Premier Status benefit our customers? Well, from my perspective, achieving and maintaining certifications, competencies, and ultimately Premier status is ‘proof in the pudding’ that Foghorn has the dedication, scale, and capabilities to be the trusted partner that is depended on for a successful journey to the public cloud. As of the time of this blog being published, Foghorn is 1 of 36 AWS Partners to achieve Premier Status.

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