VNet-in-a-box. Get your Azure workloads moving!


azureAzure for the masses

Microsoft has come a long way in the past two years with their cloud offerings, and Azure is now a legit IaaS option that many of our customers are interested in. But the same blockers to other cloud providers still apply.

Stuck in Neutral?

Many of our customers have come to us with a problem of inertia.  Everyone in the company wants to get to the cloud, but the hurdles to get that first workload up and running are just too big. Easier to just keep adding to the stuff in the datacenter.  Each of these decisions makes sense on their own, but imagine if you would have taken the plunge a year ago?  You wouldn’t be dealing with the procurement nightmare right before the holidays to get that new ‘urgent’ project the resources they need.  The time is never right, you have to jump in at some point.

Are these your blockers?

Foghorn has helped lots of companies get past these hurdles.  The biggest ones we see are security and network integration. Companies unfamiliar with the Azure VNet features feel they need to make sure the VNet is configured to both protect their cloud workloads from the internet as well as protecting their coporate networks from cloud workloads.  At the same time, they need to understand how to best integrate an Azure VNet with their corporate network.

You are closer than you think!

Foghorn has developed a process, a set of best practices and a set of codified templates that allow us to help companies get over these hurdles in days instead of weeks or months.  We deliver it in a handy piece of code, and enable companies to extend their private network into a secure cloud environment and instantly benefit with new infrastructure available on demand. We call the offering VNet-in-a-box.  In a few days you can be spinning up servers, connecting to them from your corporate network, and configuring them for that urgent business need.  We have an easy to swallow fixed price for the entire engagement, and if you qualify, Microsoft might even pick up some.. or all.. of the tab.  Step 1?  Call Foghorn, or check out a few more details here.