The Cloud Pod Deep Inspects Itself – Episode #210 in Summary

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This week’s episode of The Cloud Pod was about the cloud and big money. The team started by discussing the FinOps X Foundation Conference coming June 29th. Listeners interested in cloud-based finances should find the intro content about the financial earnings of GCP, Azure, and AWS especially engaging. As always, there was still plenty of coverage about cloud computing and AI in general.

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Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) continued its pace as the unofficial leader of the pack, announcing big innovations across multiple sectors. Highlights discussed in the podcast include: a new dashboard for Code Catalyst; Amazon S3 compatibility for AWS Snow; added support for multiple admins in AWS Firewall Manager; and support for deep inspection of EC2 instances.

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Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

Azure’s offering introduced the DCesv5 and ECesv5-series Confidential VMs with Intel TDX, for people who want to enjoy the privacy of a Confidential VM with the dependable architecture of an Intel CPU.  The team also delivered some news on Intel’s hush-hush ‘Project Amber‘, which is reportedly a cutting-edge new SaaS implementation for multi-cloud environments. Finally, TCP presented 4 cloud cost optimization strategies based on this article from Azure’s official blog.

Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

GCP news focused on the kind of research initiatives that will surely lead to many breakthroughs.  Their AI-powered creative collaboration suite called Bard also made the news, with its new additions to help new software engineers gain a better understanding of source code. Perhaps the biggest news was about their ‘Next Gen Confidential VM”, which could change the way users apply their virtual machines in production in the future.

Don’t forget to tune in for the guys’ discussion about Oracle’s machinations at the end of the show!. They explain how you can become a certified OCI Muticloud Architect through their official courses.

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock is a sophisticated and fully managed service provided by AWS, designed to facilitate the development and scaling of generative AI applications. Some key improvements have been launched at AWS Re:Invent this week. We’ll dive deeper into those later....