The TCP Podcast Ponder Security Copilot or Vaporware–You Decide! – Episode 206 in Summary

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The Cloud Pod Ep 206

The Cloud Pod returns this week with a focus on containers and microservices–two of the most important concepts in cloud computing.  Updates about all-important platforms like Kubernetes and Terraform were covered, as well as individual updates for GCP, Azure, and AWS related to the topic.

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Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

The coverage for Amazon Web Services was all about their Application Migration Service, which saw a few major updates recently. These include much-awaited updates to the import and export functionality, which now lets users import inventory lists as CSVs. The updates also included more dashboard metrics and predefined post-launch actions.

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

Microsoft brought an exciting new development into the field of cloud security with their AI-powered Security Copilot, which should be a big help to admins facing the challenge of evolving threats. The guys examined whether this is a feasible replacement for third-party AI security platforms, or if Microsoft should be focusing elsewhere. Other big news included Azure Virtual Network Manager, a useful tool for configuring and deploying network resources.

Without any noteworthy developments from GCP this week, the crew shifted their focus toward microservices–specifically, Kubernetes and Terraform. Hashicorp, the developers of Terraform, announced lots of updates for the platform, including a new UI for desktop users; enhanced integration with Github; and an add-on called Projects for workspaces and ownership boundaries. Finally, the hosts.

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock is a sophisticated and fully managed service provided by AWS, designed to facilitate the development and scaling of generative AI applications. Some key improvements have been launched at AWS Re:Invent this week. We’ll dive deeper into those later....