Cloudtrail Ingests Activity Events, CloudPod Ingests Pizza – Episode #198 in Summary

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The Cloud Pod Ep 198

This week’s episode of the Cloud Pod podcast brings back the GCP with details on their 2023 in-person Google Cloud conference. The team also discussed details on AWS Cloudtrail Lake, which brings SQL-based queries and JSON conversions for speedy data retrieval, and Azure’s Chaos Studio, an experimentation platform designed to improve application resiliency by preparing them for the worst-case scenario.

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AWS CloudTrail Lake is an add-on for AWS CloudTrail, taking the usefulness of the platform for API management and adding a data lake for storing and performing SQL queries. This means a boost in efficiency and analysis capabilities for admins. Also, users can integrate non-AWS sources and engage in much deeper customization. There were many other headlines about AWS discussed in this episode, including updates for IPv6, OpenSearch, CloudWatch, and much more.

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Azure’s Chaos Studio’s public preview updates went live in January of 2023, so this week’s news centers around the many updates released since. These include VNet injection and dynamic targeting for deployment tests, and two new faults to challenge system resilience.  Under the radar, Microsoft also announced updates to Azure’s access tiers and blob type conversion for Azure Storage.Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

Google returns this week with big news: their annual Cloud Next conference will be in-person for the first time since 2019.  As always, the event will include software and platform releases, demos, and glimpses of future developments, but without the awkward logistics of video conferencing.  There was also news related to AWS in the headlines, as they announced a new capability for users to connect data sources to Google Cloud Storage using Amazon Athena.

Outside the ‘big 3,’ the Cloud Pod hosts also brought Oracle into the arena, with their new and useful ways to compare cloud services between their own OCI and the others. And in case you missed last week, they continued the Cloud Journey and its examination of CCoE, with a deeper look at Virtual Private Clouds.

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock is a sophisticated and fully managed service provided by AWS, designed to facilitate the development and scaling of generative AI applications. Some key improvements have been launched at AWS Re:Invent this week. We’ll dive deeper into those later....