The Cloud Pods New Years Resolution: Change everything! – Episode 194 Summary

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The Cloud Pod Ep 194

2023 rolled in with exciting cloud computing news and the troubling tech winter. Companies are reviewing their staff strength to cut costs as consumer spending priorities change due to the economic slowdown. The Cloud Pod team made predictions on 2023 tech layoffs. 

Amazon AWS’s latest announcement provided much-needed positive new year tech news. The cloud computing giant released Graph explorer, a new open-source low-code visual exploration tool. Google GCP gave an insight into cybersecurity with its SOC team’s 2023 security predictions. Finally, the Cloud Journey Series launched with the Cloud Center of Excellence episode.

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Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

AWS: Amazon Neptune announces a new open-source low-code visual exploration tool, the Graph-explorer. This tool allows users to identify connections between data without writing graph queries. 

The new tool comes with a React-based web app that users can deploy in Docker to view graph data on the web. Graph explorer will be available in the Apache 2.0 license.

Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

Google and GCP had a minimal update in January, likely still positioning their platform for the new business year and fulfilling previous promises. However, the GCP’s SOC team made some predictions on cybersecurity for 2023. The main highlight is the potential use of new AI tech by attackers to automate hacking and cyber theft.

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

The Cloud Pod team rolled out a new program, the Cloud Journey Series. The program is designed to help companies succeed in cloud adoption and achieve business goals with the cloud. The series will outline the steps to cloud migration and the benefits of cloud migration. In this first episode of the Cloud Journey series, the team discussed the first critical step in preparing for cloud migration.

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock is a sophisticated and fully managed service provided by AWS, designed to facilitate the development and scaling of generative AI applications. Some key improvements have been launched at AWS Re:Invent this week. We’ll dive deeper into those later....