Finally a Crowdsourced re:Invent Prediction Show – Episode #190 in Summary

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The Cloud Pod Ep 190 Crowdsourced re:Invent Prediction Show

Google and the GCP took the week off in this week’s CloudPod, likely still fulfilling the hundreds of announcements from Google Next while they plan something big for the new year. Amazon’s AWS picked up the slack with a ton of news, though, especially their new coverage region in Spain. Microsoft arrived with a couple SQL announcements and news about a big partnership with the NBA to bring us through the holidays with full stockings.

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Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

The new opening in Spain took the headlines for AWS this week, reflecting their continued efforts to provide cloud coverage in all parts of the world. Improvements for Amazon Workspaces included Multi-Region Resilience, SAML 2.0 integration, and certificate-based authentication.  There were many more announcements from Amazon this week, so tune into the show to find out more!

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

Microsoft took its talents to the National Basketball Association (NBA) recently, partnering with the multi-billion dollar league to enhance fan experiences by modernizing cloud applications. Azure also spread some holiday cheer to its database roots with two announcements for SQL: the general availability of Azure Synapse Link and free disaster recovery with SQL Server.

Be sure to check out a fun lightning round at the end for the Re:Invent predictions!

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