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AWS managed services

What Are Managed AWS Services?

The simplest way to understand managed services is to think of any scenario where a company outsources a part of its operations to an expert. This may be due to time constraints, budget restraints, or simply a desire to have the best people working on a solution to a given challenge. In this case, the part of company operations being outsourced is IT. 

Our team at Foghorn Consulting provides full-stack IaaS engineering support as well as cloud-managed services. Small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from infrastructure without going over their budgets by hiring in-house IT; enterprise businesses can supplement their IT department with specialists, and/or use the expertise to handle a specific job like migration.

Foghorn’s Approach to AWS Managed Services

Foghorn Consulting uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate innovation for enterprises delivering return on investment. As companies begin adapting to cloud-based infrastructure, leveraging data-driven strategies, cost optimization, and business intelligence are important parts of staying ahead of the competition. Ongoing success depends on more than just migrating to AWS and letting the platform do the work, but actually using its functionality to its fullest potential. With continued AWS support, you’re gaining a future-proofed solution rather than a new set of obstacles.

Of course, none of this matters if the data isn’t also secure, which should be part of any managed services you choose. Having achieved AWS Security Competency Foghorn can deliver best practices to protect data within this system.

An AWS Premier Partner with Unrivaled Expertise

For our cloud architects, training and continual education in AWS is always necessary, but applying this information to real-world solutions is where the fun is.

  • Foghorn is an AWS Premier Partner, the highest tier in Amazon’s AWS Partner Service program. From AWS, “AWS Premier Tier Services Partners are the most experienced partners and recognized as leaders in their respective geographical, vertical, or horizontal markets. They have deep technical expertise with multiple partner program validations and demonstrated success working with a large number of customers at scale.”
  • Our AWS DevOps Competency and AWS Security Competency solidify our dedication toward the highest level of strategic effectiveness in delivering managed cloud AWS services. These certifications place us at the forefront of both ingenuity in cloud-based solutions and protecting these proprietary solutions from external tampering.
  • Our FogOps team adds another layer of know-how to an already robust managed service practice. Our customers benefit from our years of application modernization and solution development to optimize efficiency, cost, and most importantly, the ability to deliver for your consumers.

Finding Help With AWS Managed Services

Beyond the dedication to excellence we’ve shown through over 100 certifications and countless hours of experience, consider that our FogOps team is among the most qualified to handle any AWS-related challenge. Having completed heavy lifting tasks such as entire system migrations and complete cloud environment deployment, the task of AWS managed services is well within our wheelhouse. Essentially, it is our comprehensive approach to AWS services that allow us to optimize each aspect of managed AWS.

To gain a better understanding of how you can benefit from our services, contact a FogOps expert today and see how Foghorn can empower growth through the cloud.

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