Foghorn Consulting and the Public Sector

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Foghorn Consulting and the Public Sector

Providing services in the Public Sector is one of the most rewarding endeavors an organization can pursue. Government jobs each carry a real chance to create positive change and help the public with daily concerns in between. The administrative part, the so-called ‘red tape’ is one of the main obstacles for effective government. 

Systems that rely on archaic methods tend to fall behind with the volume of records that pass through the public sector, and many agencies are beginning to see how a cloud-based infrastructure can handle many of these challenges. This blog presents ways that Foghorn Consulting applies their particular brand of expertise for optimizing the cloud for the public sector.

Why Go To The Cloud in the Public Sector?

While a cloud-based infrastructure won’t eliminate bureaucracy altogether, it will make the processes involved more efficient, accurate, scalable, and secure. Here’s how:

  • Foghorn instills efficiency in the public sector through managed services, providing the type of expertise normally granted by an in-house IT department. For data sets as large as those handled by the public sector, that includes preparing them for anticipated growth with scalable infrastructure and adding automation.
  • Security is enhanced through cloud infrastructure as well, using centralization to eliminate entry points, as well as the most ironclad firewalls and protocols provided by the most trusted platforms. Because the data used by the public sector is as sensitive as it gets, security is about more than public image and consumer satisfaction; it’s also about public safety, and maintaining the compliance necessary to keep the doors open.
  • The scalability of the cloud is perhaps its most obvious selling point. Cloud-based operations move by algorithms rather than people, which means companies can do more with less, which means they can scale without hiring an army of personnel. This is vital for the private sector, where personnel and hardware are often dictated by a fixed budget. 
  • The improved accuracy of data is an offshoot of centralization, since all reliant systems now point to the same source, but it also promotes data integrity. Having accurate, reliable data that is consistent across departments provides the best means for the public sector to maximize its efficiency.

The Value of Expertise

Public agencies often have their own capable IT staff in-house, who are ready to handle any number of system-related challenges. However, the nature of these challenges are so open-ended that specified expertise might fall behind, or simply require a bit of help from individuals who focus on infrastructure daily. 

Foghorn Consulting provides both the expertise and the hands-on managed services that can fill any gap in cloud knowledge. Consider contacting a FogOps expert to discuss your Public Sector needs, to gain more understanding about how their managed services are an investment that reaps permanent rewards.