The CloudPod thinks the AWS Switzerland region is a big plus – Episode #188 in summary

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The Cloud Pod Episode 188

The cloud computing news cycle slowed a bit after two major events threatened to overload us last week, but there were still new developments on the horizon. Amazon announced a new AWS region in Switzerland; GCP presented more discounts, as well as news about MongoDB/Apigee integration; and Azure previews its zero-downtime migration scheme with Front Door.

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Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

Amazon’s AWS continues its push to expand cloud coverage throughout the world. Following recent forays into the region near the United Arab Emirates, they’ve now set their sights on Switzerland, which is sure to improve coverage in areas throughout central Europe. AWS also announced Resource Explorer, a breath of fresh air for IT professionals who wanted a simpler way to find specific resources in an AWS account.

Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

Google continued its intention to integrate their API management platform Apigee into the most used platforms by their clients to make their lives easier. Adding MongoDB was a smart move, since it’s a go-to for many people who need application data management. Committed Use Discounts–called CUDs for short–is yet another way Google adds value to its already valuable Compute Engine, providing clients with more budget flexibility.

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

Following their announcements at Microsoft Ignite, Azure focused its efforts on migration this week. This came in the form of yet another upgrade for Azure Front Door, which previews zero-downtime migrations for the platform. This is the sixth new feature for Front Door since its general availability announcement, making it clear that Microsoft is active in its continued development.

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