The Foghorn Difference in Game Development

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It’s a good time to be a game developer. Mobile, console, and PC games are more popular now than they’ve ever been, and trending upward every year. Many resources have become available for independent developers as well, and even individual developers self-publish their own titles through various platforms if their games make the cut.  Cloud infrastructure can provide a viable foundation for small teams to express themselves without logistical obstacles. This is especially true for online and multiplayer games, which rely on a stable stream of accurate data to provide the best experience to players.

Why Use AWS Game Tech?

Foreseeing the opportunity to participate in a growth industry, Foghorn Consulting applies their extensive knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to use with AWS Game Tech. The benefits of using this platform for game development are many, but two stand out:

  • For development, AWS Game Tech provides all the tools an individual or small team needs to handle assets, facilitate testing, and collaborate remotely. The creative process of making games is taxing enough, so any boost to the management aspects can really take the pressure off production. The centralization provided by cloud infrastructure maintains the integrity of vital assets across multiple systems. Along with the connectivity provided by AWS through integration, this allows developers to create their own pipelines for the software they like to use while working off the same data source. The value of a company like Foghorn Consulting, an AWS Partner with certifications in DevOPs and thorough understanding of CI/CD, becomes apparent even for developers who know their way around virtual platforms. 
  • After development, virtually all games require upkeep, especially MMOs and multiplayer games with active servers. This includes the continued asset management required to deliver timely updates and patches; a scalable solution that grows with your player base; and a reliable merchant component if you’re engaging in microtransactions. All of these elements can be found in AWS Game Tech, as well as security and data recovery mechanisms that solidify your gaming apparatus against sudden traffic.

The Value of Cloud Expertise

The fact that game developers are mostly software engineers might lead them to think third-party help isn’t necessary. In some cases that might be true, presuming there happens to be someone on staff with specific experience. For many others, however, it’s more budget and time-friendly to optimize every part of production and free up the creative minds to find gaming solutions rather than focusing on managing cloud infrastructure.

A DevOps expert from Foghorn Consulting eliminates spending and time, but also provides the know-how for complex parts of AWS like EC2 and Control Tower. Contacting a FogOps expert and asking those lingering questions should clarify exactly how they’ll help you leverage AWS Game Tech.

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

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