The CloudPod Explicitly trusts itself – Episode #184 in Summary

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The Cloud Pod 184

If you’re looking to stay informed of all the latest cloud-related news, check out the CloudPod podcast! This week in Episode #184 continued the positioning of the top companies in cloud computing. Amazon AWS offers updates to their Identity and Access Management (IAM) role trust policy behavior; Google serves up free learning challenges in preparation of Google Next ‘22; and Microsoft Azure brings

Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

In a boon for fleet managers and OEMs, Amazon’s AWS boosted its telematics capabilities with a new way to collect vehicle data and send it to the cloud with AWS IoT FleetWise. They also announced changes to their AWS Identity and Access role trust policies; record set permissions for their DNS service, Amazon Route 53; and a new tech called Amazon DataSync DIscovery for deeper insights into on-site storage.

Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

The excitement of Google Next is rampant in the Google Cloud community. This episode updates listeners on no-cost learning challenges to prepare them for the upcoming event. GCP had plenty more, though, including: deployment and verification support and a CPU boost for Cloud Run; Maven and Go support for container scanning in Pubic Preview; and three new firewall options for Google Cloud. In a busy roundup, GCP had a lot more to share than would fit in this space, so be sure to check out the podcast for the full scoop!

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

In a good news/bad news scenario Microsoft’s Azure announced exciting new developments in the future of IoT that will affect many different industries who use the tech; but also announced the end of support for PostgreSQL 11 in early November. Single server users will need to migrate to version 13 before then, so be sure to listen in for resources and tips on how to get it moving.

Tune into next week’s episode of CloudPod for more timely and important cloud-related stories!
The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

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