All Your S3 Data Are Belong To Us – Episode #180 in Summary

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This week’s episode of Cloud Pod covers a lot of exciting news, including: Amazon’s breakthroughs in visual embedding; Google’s new payment model for Apigee that allows on-demand services; and Microsoft’s powerful new ARM-based Azure VMs. 

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Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

Amazon’s Quicksight added new embedding mechanics to its site design platform that are sure to please both providers and clients who deal with visual data. Not to be outdone by their cloud competitors, Amazon also unveiled a  AWS support app for Slack;  Origin Access Control (OAC) for more secure S3 logins; updates on VMWare cloud; and how Amazon Security Hub subscribers now get their news differently with Amazon SNS. These are just the highlights, though. There’s even more buzz around AWS discussed in the episode, including EKS, AWS Fraud Control, and  RDS for SQL Server.

Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

Google’s cloud offering talked exciting quality-of-life improvements to their Managed Microsoft AD, with the addition of on-demand backups and schema extension support. Thankfully, security is always on the docket with GCP. Our favorite hosts covered their latest in VM threat detection and the ‘general availability’ status of Google Cloud Certificate Manager. Finally, the new pay-as-you-go plan from Google’s Apigee is sure to please API builders seeking a more economic way to find the features they need.

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

The last episode of The Cloud Pod touched on the release of ARM-based Virtual Machines for Microsoft Azure; this episode discusses its ‘general availability’ announcement. Compatibility abounds with native support for Amazon S3 in Azure Data Explorer, and Azure IoT Edge releases a stable 1.4 version with extra features.  Don’t forget to check the lightning round for even more news!

This week’s episode summary was brought to you by someone thoroughly examining their stock positions after this news.

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

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