What’s In The Microsoft Dev Box? – Episode #178 in Summary

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Episode 178 of Cloud Pod continued our coverage of the three industry giants in cloud computing–Amazon, Microsoft, and Google–and their new respective competition for cloud region coverage in an increasingly crowded market. We discussed the offerings from each company, including Microsoft’s Dev Box preview, Amazon Storage Day announcements, and Google’s productivity focus. As a sponsor for the Cloud Pod podcast, we are excited to be a part of a platform that engages its audience with timely cloud-computing insights you won’t find anywhere else.

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Amazon Web Services entered with its 4th annual Storage Day, a live event hosted on Twitch, where the company unveils its latest storage technology to their online community. They also spoke of their new ‘blockhead badge’ that signifies competency in core storage concepts, for AWS experts who want a discreet way to brag about their knowledge base. They also covered their AWS Private 5G and support for HTTP/3, two noteworthy improvements to keep pace with developments in coverage, speed, and versatility. In their ever-expanding list of collaborative tech, Amazon partnered with Splunk to announce the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) project, as well as support for Kubernetes 1.23 in EKS and EKS Distro, and support for Amazon AWF in Amazon Cognito.

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GCP finally announced a set of tools for increasing developer productivity, with a specific focus on navigating your query library. These should eventually include your own customized queries. They presented similar productivity improvements for Google Cloud Deploy, with an exciting focus on the continuous delivery part of CI/CD. Last but not least, we covered their new Cloud Monitoring snooze alert policies, which will allow developers to control which events register as ‘all hands on deck’ and which can be put off until Monday morning.

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Microsoft had good news for cloud aspirants living in or near Saudi Arabia, fulfilling a promise made in 2019 to expand cloud coverage to Qatar. This adds availability zones for places like the United Arab Emirates where many cloud-based businesses may have been left out. More exciting for everyone, they also released a preview of their new Microsoft Dev Box. This is a managed service, which allows developers to create project-specific cloud workstations within a secure environment, which lets them focus on code experimentation rather than logistics and safety.

This week’s episode summary was brought to you by someone thoroughly examining their stock positions after this news.

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