The Cloud Pod Earnings Continue To Be Steady – Episode #176 in Summary

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The Cloud Pod Ep 176

On episode #176 of The Cloud Pod, our hosts discuss quarterly earnings for the big three while still covering the latest in cloud news. Episodes like this make us proud to be an official Cloud Pod sponsor, week after week.  It’s not a good quarter for technology stocks. Amazon, Google and Azure all recorded net losses this quarter. Is this yet another indicator of what is to come in our economic future? Check out this week’s roundup of hot topics, good, bad and ugly!

Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

Compared to our last recap, AWS was beaming with news to share this week. Improving your network performance, IPv6 now supports AWS Global Accelerator! Granted our hosts feel it’s coming to fruition long after it’s time, Cloud Development Kit (CDK) is now available for Terraform! Amazon OpenSearch Service gets a trifecta of boosts in the form of advanced log and application analytics, OpenSearch version 1.3 support, and support for EBS gp3 volume type. As per the usual, we know security is on your mind as much as it’s on ours! You can now build AWS Config rules with AWS CloudFormation Guard.

Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

GCP introduces a new type of Pub/Sub subscription called a “BigQuery subscription” that writes directly from Cloud Pub/Sub to BigQuery. Who doesn’t like more streamlined data? Google has also announced their new Professional Cloud Database Engineer certification. It’s time to showcase your database management skills and frame it for the world to see. Last, but not least, helping you prevent data breaches, GCP now offers Local Users Password Validation feature for Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

Price drops are something we are NOT seeing often these days: Azure is slashing prices for the US West 3 region. Microsoft also wants to join in on the hunt for the bad guys… Introducing Azure’s latest security solutions surrounding RiskIQ! You’ll also notice Microsoft’s hiring efforts are slowing down big time with the threat of impending recession only becoming more realistic.  Stay tuned for more!

This week’s episode summary brought to you by someone thoroughly examining their stock positions after this news.

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