Patient Outcomes With Natera Using Google Cloud

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Natera, Inc. is a genetic testing company that operates out of Austin, Texas. They are considered among the foremost experts in the field and a pioneer of DNA testing. As the volume of their data grew, Natera sought to leverage Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology to handle increased workloads, which brought them to Foghorn Consulting. 

Their project needed to be done under the strict guidelines of patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance, which meant the safety of the data was to be considered as much as its availability.


Our challenge was to take Natera’s existing on-site and Amazon Web Services (AWS) setup and connect it to GCP, so they could expand their neural network further into the cloud. Using the open-source application Terraform, we instilled Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with reusable modules for both development and production. 

This case study describes how we collaborated with Natera using Slack-enabled FogOps™ to build the GCP infrastructure in less than a month. It describes how Natera was able to hit the ground running shortly after delivery, and how the scalable platform we created will allow them to continue expanding their databases without concern.


The Power of GCP

DNA Testing Pioneer NATERA uses GCP to Help Patient Outcomes

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Natera Harnesses the Power of Google Cloud Platform to Transform Patient Outcomes. If you’d like to discuss how Foghorn can help your company with a GCP migration project–or one of the many other infrastructure services we provide–click the button below to speak to an expert today!