Case Study: Kubernetes-Based Blockchain

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San Francisco-based Chronicled are the creators of the MediLedger network, a Life Sciences and Healthcare platform that uses blockchain technology to secure automated transactions between companies. In this instance, their challenge was to deliver a decentralized supply chain management system using blockchain principles. This was in response to a mandate by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), enacted in 2017 in response to tainted supplies causing outbreaks of meningitis. Specifically, pharma companies needed a solution to apply traceable product identifiers to every returned unit before resale, which becomes very difficult to track for companies who operate nationwide.

Foghorn’s role was to help facilitate this unprecedented endeavor by providing an application stack using Amazon Web Services (AWS), with maximum availability and fault-tolerance, which was also self-hosted to allow for automation. This whitepaper details how we used Kubernetes to provide a scalable solution that would be adaptable enough to handle their platform’s modular customer environments. It includes an account from Ajit Kulkani, the Project Lead at Chronicled, expressing how our combined efforts will empower pharmaceutical supply chain management.


See the complete whitepaper ‘Foghorn Delivers Kubernetes Based Blockchain Tracking of Pharmaceuticals for Chronicled’ for the details. To speak to an expert about how Foghorn can help your company overcome its most complex infrastructure challenges, just click the button below.