Case Study: Managing the Crossfit Games with AWS

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A household name in the world of fitness, most of us are aware of CrossFit and their revolutionary strength and conditioning programs and accessories. Less are aware of CrossFit Games, their nationally-televised annual competition for their worldwide audience with more than 13,000 affiliated gyms. CrossFit uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their website, which means the same platform is used to handle the inevitable spikes in traffic that they anticipate during the time of the competition. To help with this massive undertaking, they called on the unparalleled expertise of Foghorn Consulting.

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Our challenge was to facilitate the worldwide leaderboard for the Crossfit Games using the AWS setup of their website. To do this, we needed a scalable solution that could handle real-time updates without slowdown, to avoid frustrating participants and defeating the marketing purpose of the games–to bring more attention to CrossFit’s reliability. They also needed a solution that didn’t require extra hardware, since this was a once-per-year event, and their traffic would return to relative normal for the rest of the year. This whitepaper explains how Foghorn managed the scalability and stability of over 320,000 participants and 3x the traffic using half the re with the same expertise and diligence we apply to all projects.

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CrossFit chose to host their site on AWS

To read the specifics about how we handled this challenge, check out the whitepaper: Foghorn Pushes 2016 CrossFit Games To New Level. To learn more about how we can help with your AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure challenges, click the button below and speak to one of our experts today!

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