5 Metrics for FSOs and Cloud Computing Success

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Financial Service Organizations (FSOs) are among the best candidates for cloud migration in all industries. The benefits are evident in expediency, accuracy, security, and innovation, and these can all be expressed clearly through real metrics rather than abstract concepts.

This whitepaper by Foghorn Consulting expresses 5 of these metrics, to make clear why all financial companies should already be using cloud computing in their daily operations, analysis, and all parts of infrastructure.

The metrics covered are:

  1. Security and Compliance – Change management and data sovereignty
  2. Cloud Architecture – Single cloud vs. multi-cloud
  3. Cloud Performance – Scalability, architected workloads, and availability
  4. Software Development – Agile development and shrinking data centers
  5. Financial Benefits – Partnering with cloud vendors

The whitepaper also provides a useful checklist for FSOs that provides definitive clarity on their responsibility in PCI compliance. It covers everything from safeguarding various data types to restricting access to cardholder information.



5 Metrics for FinServ Success in the Cloud

Opportunities Realized by Creating a Compliant, Performant and Cost
Efficient Cloud Ecosystem

Foghorn Consulting represents the cloud vendors with “levels of certification, regulatory compliance, and operational excellence” mentioned in the ‘Financial Benefits’ section’. FSOs seeking to leverage the benefits of platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS need look no further.

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