HIPAA Compliance for Agile Infrastructure

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A decade ago, HIPAA compliance was mostly locking away filing cabinets containing private health information, and making sure that access to these files was limited. Today, as healthcare organizations rely on public cloud infrastructure, protecting these records has become more complex.

This whitepaper is about navigating some of these complexities; specifically, how to maintain compliance without compromising agility by splitting the work and applying codified infrastructure to facilitate both.

Foghorn Consulting also explains two tenements that apply to their own unique approach to HIPAA compliance:

  • HITRUST, a certification and ideology that adapts information protection as a core pillar of health-related IT, and goes beyond HIPAA regulations.
  • Handling HIPAA compliance with Business Associate Agreements (BAA), so you understand the best practices for protecting private health information while working with contractors.

These methodologies have proven successful in competitive industries that require agility for quick turnarounds of products and services, who must also meet government standards to remain viable.



How to be HIPAA compliant in a
Public Cloud Infrastructure While
Still Maintaining Agility

Foghorn Consulting brings decades of experience to the table enabling HIPAA compliance for Healthcare and LifeScience companies. This specific knowledge, plus even more experience working in agile development cycles like CI/CD, make Foghorn the ideal agency to bring the tenets of this whitepaper to life.