Secure, Performant IaaS on AWS for Financial Service Organizations

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AWS FH Whitepaper

The financial services sector has become the fastest-growing sector in the public cloud system, with 74% of Financial Services Organizations (FSOs) already running workloads on the public cloud or utilizing hybrid architecture. These organizations are leveraging infrastructure as a service on AWS to grow at a faster rate and produce remarkable innovation leaps as a result.

Ten years ago, these organizations had to purchase the latest and greatest hardware to gain an advantage over the competition. Now, with the power of cloud technology, agile toolkits on AWS, and pay-as-you-go opex, barriers to entry have been obliterated. Cloud computing makes it easier for new products and services to be developed and launched, especially for the financial services sector, which has traditionally been slow to respond to evolving customer demands because of investments in legacy infrastructure.

For financial services firms today, the growing cloud means shrinking data center footprints. It means that the silos between development and operations are being dissolved and that agile software engineering is producing game-changing innovations at record-breaking times to market.

In an increasingly dynamic world of mobile and web services, customers’ needs and expectations are driving innovation toward a more connected, responsive, and intuitive future.

This whitepaper examines the opportunities that financial service companies can achieve by migrating to AWS. Read more below to learn about these benefits from a security, architecture, performance, software development, and cost-saving perspective.

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    AWS FH Whitepaper

    Secure, Performant IaaS on AWS for Financial Service Organizations

    Mission critical, CI/CD workloads realize compliance and innovation velocity on AWS

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