The Cloud Pod Celebrates GCP Madrid Region With Sangria – Episode #168 in Summary

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On this week’s episode of The Cloud Pod, our hosts start off the episode with a discussion surrounding one of the largest tech acquisitions of all time: Broadcom acquires VMWare for $61 billion. There could be major implications for modern enterprise… we will have to wait and see! Enjoy the following updates from the big three:

Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

It was a quieter week for AWS, but that usually means something big is on the horizon. Got a need for speed? Amazon EC2 M6id and C6id instances increase storage up to 7.6TB, promising up to 15 percent better price performance compared to previous instances. If you need Elastic Volumes and Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR) support for io2 Block Express, you’ve now got it. Speaking of snapshots, Amazon Lightsail containers now supports deploying images from Amazon ECR private repositories. Check this feature with no additional costs.

Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

GCP Region in Madrid is now open! Our hosts may be joking about the GCP Madrid region center shutting down from 12-2pm for siesta, but it sounds like a great option to us. Google has also released a blog on the benefits of Google Cloud certification for IT teams and it’s worth a read. Lastly, Google wants to hear from you! The Dora/Google survey here can help offer insightful information regarding software delivery performance. We encourage you to fill it out!

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

In surprising news this week, Meta has selected Azure as their cloud provider of choice to help advance AI innovation. We aren’t quite sure why they aren’t supporting their own data scientists but we have our theories!  If you’re in Switzerland, you now have three Availability Zones available to you! Congrats to the Swiss. Azure believes that 5G isn’t an upgrade, but a paradigm shift and our hosts believe this is quite overrated. The Cloud Pod guys are concerned they will spend so much time developing stuff that needs 5G, only to find out the infrastructure just isn’t there. What do you think?

Taking a note from GCP Madrid, this week’s episode summary brought to you sangria and a midday siesta.

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