The Cloud Pod Eagerly Awaits the Microsoft Pay Increase – Episode #166 in Summary

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Now, we may be biased (as official sponsors), but this week’s episode of The Cloud Pod is bursting with exciting and essential information for cloud users. So let’s get to it!

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And the award for the most unlikely couple goes to: AWS and IBM! This new dynamic duo teamed up to deliver IBM SaaS that is AWS cloud-native. They have big plans for future projects together, so stay tuned. In security news, EC2 now supports Nitro TPM and UEFI Secure Boot! Our hosts are intrigued by this pivot. Amazon has affirmed their commitment to security with a $10 million investment into open source security via the Open Source Security Foundation with more committed in the future.

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Google: land of the free? GCP is promising to free you from expensive, legacy databases with their new AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. The Cloud Pod hosts are hopeful this could be just the tool we need to modernize applications. The Feds are taking security a little more seriously (finally) and Google now offers Autonomic Security Operations to the public sector to comply with recent legislation. Better security in the public sector is better security for all. And you know GCP can’t let AWS steal the show entirely… Google saw AWS’ $10 million investment in OSS and raised it with a new product: Assured Open Source Software. Just in case anyone was questioning their commitment to OSS.

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Microsoft is boasting widespread pay increases for employees in an attempt to retain and source talent. The demand in the tech industry isn’t going anywhere and Microsoft knows it. Now, we are going to give Azure the benefit of the doubt in that imitation is often considered the highest form of flattery… Now announcing Azure DNS Private Resolver now in preview (*cough*, AWS, *cough*). In the shortest announcement ever, Container Apps now support log streaming and console connect. After the host, Justin, read the documentation four times and only understood about 40% of it, he decided it wasn’t worth it. We will let you decide for yourself.

Tune into Episode #166 of The Cloud Pod below and get the full details of this week’s news.

This week’s episode summary brought to you by the sun reflecting off the computer screen at the beach and slippery, sunscreen-y fingers. Please forgive typos.

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