Ellie Mae Case Study

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When the average American thinks about a mortgage, the word “paperwork” probably comes to mind. Ellie Mae was out to change that narrative by accelerating the loan origination process, connecting lenders, partners and clients, and guiding them through highly automated transactions from start to finish. Ellie Mae’s SaaS functionality wasn’t quite up to par with their innovative model aimed to automate such an arduous, manual process, nor were current digital systems capable of handling the workload in a flexible and timely manner. This is a common theme we see when we work with clients. Your digital systems should not be a hindrance, but a helpful tool, partnering in your success. 

Foghorn had the honor of working with Ellie Mae to completely transform their DevOps processes to not only meet, but exceed, their lofty goals. This Case Study is a perfect example of Foghorn Consulting’s unique ability to fully comprehend a company’s needs and actualize ideals into the most efficient, cost-effective, and flexible model possible. When you work with us, you know you are getting the industry’s best, due to our deep expertise in such a wide array of industries. 

Read the Case Study to see how we helped Ellie Mae craft an infancy-to-adulthood solution without the growing pains; we can do it for you too!

Foghorn Case Study - Ellie Mae

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