Big Data on Google Cloud

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GCP big data

At the root of every enterprise, there is one universal truth considering today’s symbiotic relationship between the internet and humankind: properly capturing big data leads to improved targeted marketing, resulting in improved sales. If the goal is that simple, capturing and interpreting big data economically, even in a small environment, has become a most compelling business necessity! The challenge is growing exponentially as you read this. For this reason, Foghorn Consulting highly values Google Cloud Platform’s best-in-class big data platform, leaving costly and time-consuming operations tasks like scalability, replication, protection, and recovery to Google. Are you seeing the dollar signs, yet?

Big data on Google Cloud Platform yields big results. Whether it is finding a cure for a new disease, or helping self-driving cars see around corners, or understanding your customers’ needs better, GCP has the tools to leverage your data to realize results and win. 

Foghorn’s experienced engineers can help transform your complex data ecosystem, building data repositories that scale and employ the latest big data and AI technologies, including:

  • Data Warehouses with Big Query
  • Date Lake modernization with Dataproc
  • Steaming Analytics with Dataflow
  • Business intelligence with Looker

In our Whitepaper, “Big Data = Big Opportunity on GCP” we guide readers through the unique tools that Google offers and how we can help tailor optimal solutions for users.

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GCP big data

Big Data = Big Opportunity on GCP

Best-in-breed tools to unlock the power of big data, to push future forward innovation further faster.

Big data is only getting bigger. Are you staying ahead of it? Whether you are looking to start your cloud journey or optimize your existing CloudOps, Foghorn can help.