The Cloud Pod Observes Its Databases With Google Cloud SQL Insights – Episode #161 in Summary

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Because we feel so passionate about keeping our community informed of the latest cloud news, Foghorn is a proud sponsor of The Cloud Pod. Foghorn’s Peter Roosakos and Cloud Pod host Justin Brodley keep this episode short and sweet and so will we! Enjoy this week’s roundup of the top headlines surrounding AWS, GCP, Azure and more.

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Our hosts gently troll Lambda downfalls while simultaneously praising them for finally offering Lambda Function URLs, something they believe should have been offered from the beginning! Other newly announced offerings include AWS’ Security Hub launch: five new controls and one integration partner. This adds up to a total of 192 security controls to automatically scan your security posture in AWS and it’s available globally. Well done, Amazon, well done. 

Speaking of security… Third party researcher, Lightspin, discovered a significant security vulnerability with Aurora PostgreSQL. You can read more details about what could have been a more serious issue, and how Amazon worked to quickly rectify the situation. 

And something we don’t hear about often: PRICE REDUCTION ALERT! AWS has announced a data transfer price reduction for PrivateLink, Transit Gateway and AWS Client VPN services. It’s AWS’s inflation-fighting strategy.

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Google’s letting the world know that Canada and Japan are closer than we think. They have begun construction on an undersea garden hose-width fiber cable linking the two countries and delivering access to many Google services. This infrastructure project is predicted to bring $303 billion in GDP between 2022-2026. 

To add a few more bucks into the very deep pockets of Google owners, the recent partnership between Sada Systems and Google has been broadened. The happy couple now has a lofty goal of $2.5 billion in sales of Google Services over the next three years. 

Lastly, a more insightful GCP MySQL is now in preview. This enhancement in monitoring will assist developers in diagnosing and solving performance issues quickly and  independently. Every I.T. laborer’s favorite words to hear.

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Microsoft only has a few announcements for us this week. Private endpoints are now available for your Azure Data Explore cluster on a VNet. Who doesn’t want more privacy on the world wide web? 

Only a short time ago, Azure released backup and restore health metrics for Azure Virtual Machines… and now they are expanding those offerings to Azure Blobs. So now no matter what party controls the government, you can build back better backed-up blobs! 

Tune into Episode #161 of The Cloud Pod below and get the full details of this week’s news.

This week’s episode summary brought to you by too many cups of coffee and the fresh, hopeful smell of a new MLB season.

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