The Cloud Pod Suspends Its (GCP) Hosts – Episode 159 in Summary

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Turns out, the cloud always comes down to one thing: money. It’s like it’s a business or something? Hosts Justin, Peter and Jonathan give valuable insights into the few releases this week from our friends at AWS, GCP and Azure with the common theme: cash. Check out the deals, the increases and everything in between below!

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AWS Lambda is now offering up to 10GB ephemeral storage. You can now control the amount of ephemeral storage a function gets for reading or writing data, allowing you to use AWS Lambda for more data-intensive workloads. Release the confetti cannons! Or don’t. AWS has introduced a new pay-as-you-go option for Palo Alto Networks Cloud NGFW, in which our hosts make the comparison to bleeding cash slowly versus paying upfront. We will let you decide how you want to handle that one! With money still on the mind, Amazon is following suit after Google with Amazon GameSparks now in preview.

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GCP was particularly quiet this week. Whatever you may have spent in the above AWS upgrades, you may be able to save with Google’s new Suspend/Resume feature, which a little like the emu-advertised insurance company, allows you to only pay for the resource consumption you actually need, ultimately using less. The new savings option is detailed in full on their website. Insurance is not included but Google is definitely looking out for their customers with this one.

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Shut the (Azure) front door – Azure is taking a lead! Azure’s newest cloud content delivery network called Azure Front Door has two tiers and tons of new capabilities. Our hosts are curbing their excitement but expect Amazon will be a front-runner if not retake the pole position in the CDN space race soon enough. Shockingly, the Microsoft company announced a new datacenter region to be established in India. Many Microsoft employees reside in India, so our hosts were surprised to learn that one wasn’t already strategically positioned there. In closing, a word of caution: discuss Azure’s new Load Balancer with your security team before proceeding. And consider discussing it with us. We’re always available to help enhance your team!

Tune into Episode #159 of The Cloud Pod below and get the full details of this week’s news.

This week’s episode summary brought to you by a freshly planted vegetable garden to make up for increasing cloud costs.

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