The Cloud Pod Is QUIC and Rusty This Week – Ep. 154 in Summary

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The Cloud Pod - 154

All four of our Cloud Pod hosts, Justin, Jonathan, Ryan and Foghorn’s very own, Peter,  join us in this week’s episode of The Cloud Pod, Episode 154. We are passionate about keeping you up to date with the latest cloud news and that’s why we choose to sponsor The Cloud Pod. Enjoy the recap of the week below and be sure to listen to this week’s episode in full.

Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo

AWS’ number one customer complaint: Network Latency. With their announcement of global expansion of AWS Local Zones, cloud users are left wondering if these complaints will finally be addressed? Our hosts seem to think it would be quite a smart move. AWS is also getting “quic” and rusty this week with the introduction of s2n-quic, the new open-source QUIC protocol for Rust implementation. For encryption nerds, this is it. And for the ones footing the bill, AWS Budgets now allows you to create auto-adjusting budgets, sending you notifications and alerts to catch spikes and boosts in spending. This is important because Rustnever sleeps.

Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo

Convenience is just around the (virtual) corner. You can now use Dataplex to build a data mesh on Google cloud. Voila! The new FIDO security key support is what all the Google fans are talking about.  Strengthened protection for GCE VMs today means you can rest a little easier tonight. And last but not least, well, kind of the least, is a full article busting myths about Cloud Spanner… which our hosts don’t believe were really busted. We will leave it up to you to decide.

Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo

Microsoft stayed relatively quiet this week with only a couple newsworthy updates to share. Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise is now available in preview, but the Cloud Pod guys are not quite sure what to think. Is this just PaaS being sold as a weird integration? Lastly, Application Gateway now supports mutual authentication, much to everyone’s appreciation.

Tune into Episode #154 of The Cloud Pod below and get the full details of this week’s news.

This week’s Cloud Pod episode is sponsored by Foghorn; this summary is brought to you by dreams of trading the winter weather for a warm Hawaiian sunset.

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