The Cloud Pod Exfiltrates Jonathan’s Credentials – Ep. 150 in Summary

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150 Credential feature

Foghorn Consulting is proud to sponsor The Cloud Pod, your leading podcast for all things cloud news. This week, hosts Justin, Ryan and Peter struggle to accept the fact that it really is 2022. But no matter what year it is, the cloud is always evolving. Let’s jump into this week’s summary of episode 150.

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The threat detection service Amazon GuardDuty — which monitors your accounts for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior — is pretty great already. In the aftermath of the Superglue issue, however, AWS is ramping things up with enhanced detection of EC2 instance credential exfiltration. Also on the security front, AWS Security Hub has been integrating with AWS Health and AWS Trusted Advisor. As a pro-tip, our hosts close out Amazon news by cautioning listeners to be on the lookout for inter-region transfer fees before enabling the new Replication for Amazon Elastic File System. They can really add up! Foghorn consulting can help you optimize and economize replication use. We’re here to help!

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Google wants to manage more of your stuff!  Google Cloud Deploy (GCD) is now generally available, making it easier to do continuous delivery to GKE. Google boasts a very competitive cost of operation compared to Kubernetes continuous delivery without this managed system, as well as a focus on increased security. GCD customers get their first active delivery pipeline per account free, and pay a $15/month management fee for each additional pipeline. Have they sold you yet?

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Azure released their DDoS Attack Trends for Q3 and Q4 and it ain’t pretty. Justin applauds them for their transparency, but it doesn’t negate the reality that security threats should be at the forefront of every cloud user’s mind. Specifically noteworthy is the fact that UDP attacks rose to the top of the charts, accounting for 55% of all attacks in the second half of 2021. These attacks are specifically aimed at the gaming industry, hence a huge push in the industry towards game-specific cloud security… P.S. Did you know Foghorn Consulting is a trusted AWS partner when it comes to game tech security? Chat with us!

Tune into Episode #150 of The Cloud Pod below and get the full details of this week’s news.

This week’s episode summary brought to you by the miraculous avoidance of Omicron… or maybe Omicron is avoiding me?

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