The Cloud Pod Siemplify’s Our First Recording of 2022 – Ep. 148 Summary

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Latest Cloud News - Ep. 148 siemplify feature
The Cloud Pod hosts share their first recording of 2022 with this week’s episode #148 of the latest cloud news. Justin, Ryan and Peter assure us that we didn’t miss much during their time off, but they have plenty of enticing news to share this week. Check out the cloud highlights to inspire your new year: Latest Cloud News - AWS Logo In a veiled response to the AWS outage of December 2021, Amazon unofficially announced, via a recent job posting, that they plan to completely reimagine how their network is managed. AWS followers are hoping alleged secret projects to mitigate outages will be revealed soon. But, on to official announcements: general availability of the EC2 Hpc6a Instance and the deployability of IPv6 applications through Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Lastly, the AWS compute optimizer has been enhanced to allow users to specify both x86 and ARM as their preferred architecture for their EC2 instance type recommendations. This is a big blow to other tools that perform the same operations. Sorry, not sorry. Latest Cloud News - GCP Logo The Google beast grows more menacing (against cloud threats, of course) with the acquisition of Siemplify, a leading Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) provider. GCP is most definitely taking a stand in this era of ever-increasing cyberattacks with this procurement. We can practically hear the hackers shaking in their boots. This power move against security threats was further amplified by a recent blog post by Phil Venables, VP/CISCO of Google Cloud, regarding “megatrends” driving innovation. Our Cloud Pod Hosts think this post is worth a read. Latest Cloud News - Azure Logo Microsoft seemed to take a little breather in early January after a big month of updates in December 2021. The company made numerous updates to Microsoft Defender for Cloud and published them all in one place just for our viewing pleasure. To which we say, “Thank you. Thank you very much.” Tune into Episode #148 of The Cloud Pod below and get the full details of this week’s news.

This week’s episode summary brought to you by a set of New Year’s health resolutions quickly fading in appeal compared to the allure of upcoming Valentine’s chocolates.

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