Goodbye 2021, A log4j kinda year – Ep. #147

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Take a walk down memory lane with the last Cloud Pod episode of 2021, hosted by Jonathan, Justin and Ryan. The Cloud Pod guys review their 2021 predictions regarding  AWS, Azure and GCP to see how they stacked up against reality, share their favorite 2021 announcements and make new forecasts for the year ahead.

Enjoy The Cloud Pod’s most memorable moments here:

Justin and Ryan probably had the most accurate predictions, assuming remote work would become a permanent trend as well as verticalization of the cloud across diverse industries. Jonathan wasn’t quite on the money with his hunch about bracket computing and quantum technology, but we are seeing more classes in quantum programming. Peter’s was probably the furthest from reality with his belief that cloud costs would be the biggest blocker preventing businesses from migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure. It seems that costs may be a big consideration, but have not stopped most from making the switch.

It seems that AWS held all the award-winning places in the hosts’ hearts and minds when it came to favorite announcements of 2021. Justin was particularly satisfied with AWS’s release of the Redshift Serverless program and its ability to compete against Snowflake. Jonathan favorited OpenSearch’s big debut and holds the opinion that it is becoming more popular than Elasticsearch. Lastly, Ryan declares AWS’s announcement of Cloud Control API at the top of his list, due to its ability to allow one API to work across multiple cloud platforms.

As far as a look forward to the year ahead, the Cloud Pod guys have several quite interesting forecasts to share… Ryan believes Google is going to build the first data center region under the sea, while Jonathan thinks Amazon will release a new database service in 2022. Justin hopes someone is going to solve the issues of designing apps that stretch from the cloud edge to the availability zone via new SDK/Programming tools. And lastly, Peter foresees Fortune 500 companies will continue to avoid an all-in-one single cloud vendor strategy. Only time will tell!

And of course, a little recent AWS news:

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AWS security services users still seem to be experiencing vulnerabilities in regards to log4j and upgrades to version 2.16 still weren’t enough to fix the issues. Hopefully 2.17 will be the upgrade to end the log4j saga. New AWS guidelines on simplifying the setup of Amazon Detective are now available. New items include focused views, expanded details on each finding, links to the profiles for each involved entity, and integration with Splunk via the Splunk Trumpet project. To keep things short and sweet, our hosts wrap up the AWS news with the spotlight on the LitmusChaos integration and its capability to give you chaos engineering for K8. Cue 2022.

Tune into Episode #147 of The Cloud Pod below and get the full details of this week’s news.

This week’s episode summary brought to you by a cup of hot tea at my permanent work-from-home desk. I guess you were right, Ryan!

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