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Microservices have emerged as the preferred way to make application deployment and management easier. Open-source container orchestration platform Kubernetes deploys and manages containers at scale. With its open-source API, Kubernetes controls the process and location where those containers will run. Applications running on Kubernetes excel in the data center as well as the cloud making it the architecture of choice for enterprises needing flexible and agile workload delivery.

Foghorn’s deep experience with containers and Kubernetes give FogOps customers an advantage. Our extensive library of QA vetted, prebuilt Infrastructure as Code can accelerate production timelines and help maximize the value of Kubernetes for enterprise.

For building modern applications, containers are ideal to deliver microservices in a scalable, self healing manner. As applications scale to multiple containers across multiple servers, operating them with finesse can add complexity. Container orchestration engine Kubernetes provides an exciting solution to schedule, deploy, and scale containers. Properly designed Kubernetes ecosystems automate once error prone manual processes and simplify application deployment across infrastructures. Building and/or tailoring Kubernetes solutions for your business is our specialty. Here is what Ajit Kulkani of Chronicled had to say after utilizing our Kubernetes consulting services:  

“Foghorn’s expertise with Kubernetes, AWS, and Terraform was key in the design and implementation of our modular, automated customer environments,” -AJIT KULKANI / PRODUCT LEAD, CHRONICLED

Read our detailed Case Study below to see all the ways we helped company Chronicled develop their revolutionary and innovative blockchain solution.

Regardless of where you are in your Kubernetes journey, Foghorn’s Kubernetes consultants can help remove speed bumps on your road to automation. Our cloud engineering experts stand ready to ensure your containerization project is a success today and into the future.

Whether you are looking to start your Kubernetes journey or optimize your existing Kubernetes operations, Foghorn can help.

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