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Cloud Computing and Cloud Technology

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that transitioning from a traditional business model to a cloud infrastructure is not a matter of “if”, but “when”. You may have come to realize that to architect a best practice cloud environment that scales with your needs, a business like yours must efficiently optimize the value of your data, lessen operational expenses, push innovation, explore new possibilities, and achieve strategic IT objectives faster…. But, it only takes a simple internet search to realize the sheer amount of cloud and hybrid technologies and solutions can be overwhelming. 

So, where do you start? The pressures to choose the right methodology, tools, and technology can be intense.

Seasoned cloud consultants here at Foghorn Consulting can help guide your IT team to the best cloud solutions that align with your business needs, integrate with the greater vision and architecture while enhancing ROI. Our Cloud Consulting services enable you to simplify the transition to the cloud with strategic assessment, execution, and support.

Simplify and Optimize Your Cloud Journey

We know your business is unique and driven by a specific set of motivations and goals. Foghorn Cloud Consulting can give you the right insights, opinions and direction to accomplish all your specialized business objectives. Our team of cloud experts give our customers a detailed view of how transitioning to the cloud enhances security while boosting performance and ROI.

For us, cloud consulting is an opportunity to get to know you and more about your unique business goals and complex challenges. We provide:

Foghorn’s Approach and Methodology For Extending Robust Cloud Services

At Foghorn, we strive to accelerate your pace of innovation and solve any complex challenges with our future-ready vision and well-defined plan. 

We adhere to four pillars of our digital transformation ethos:

Assessment – Understanding your business, your goals, overall strategy, IT requirements, and other pain points to understand your current infrastructure and to identify which cloud deployment model best fits your organization.

Planning – We create an outline of the architecture and the deployment plan to create a roadmap to help maximize your cloud potential.

Deployment and Transformation – We build a solid foundation to ensure your deployment is done efficiently, by meeting robust compliance and security practices. We cover the whole nine yards of deployment, be it the migration of systems and data, testing, licensing, and more.

Optimization – Once you’re up and running, we ensure that the solution caters to the comprehensive needs of your organization. And even then we’ll continue to optimize, with continuous improvement, to ensure the end result is exactly what you are looking for.

While this is the defined approach to cloud transformation, we are flexible and agile enough to adapt to the ever-changing demands of modern businesses.  

For more detailed accounts of how we have helped some of our VIP clients, check out our Case Studies below.

Why Choose Foghorn Consulting?

To accelerate your cloud success, let Foghorn Consulting, and our team of cloud engineering experts, be your ally to design, develop, and deploy cloud solutions.

When you choose us, you choose:

  • An expert-led team with 100+ certifications with the world’s leading IT vendors
  • A trusted partner with extensive experience in delivering successful cloud transformations
  • A dedicated CloudOps engineering team
  • 14 years+ experience with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

We, at Foghorn, can deliver a high level of project management and time-tested digital transformation formulas. We can also provide the flexible, reactive approach that makes our team so great to work with!

Experience the Foghorn Difference 

Our experienced and certified cloud experts can help you ace digital transformation with the power of the cloud.

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