The Latest and Greatest from AWS, Azure and GCP – Ep. #142

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This week’s episode of the Cloud Pod, hosted by Jonathan, Justin, Ryan and Peter, is jam-packed with the hottest news from AWS, Azure and GCP. The big 3 dropped some jaws with their Q3 revenue results (noted below) and didn’t waste any time announcing innovative product launches, software updates and noteworthy features that are sure to pique your interest.

Enjoy the cloud’s “greatest hits” here:

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Though Amazon missed the mark on its earnings forecast, AWS outperformed (as expected) with a 39% rise in revenue to $16.1 billion in the third quarter. Speaking of cash, Amazon is calling all users trying to get away from expensive, proprietary MSSQL by utilizing AWS Babelfish, which now allows users to migrate to the Amazon Aurora edition. Justin is particularly excited about AWS CloudFront which now supports configurable CORS, security, and custom HTTP response headers. Just imagine how many Cloud Pod episodes you can listen to with all that saved time.

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GCP was up 45% compared to last year, which helped boost Google’s overall revenue in Q3 to $18.9 billion dollars (an increase of 68% in just one year). This isn’t the only thing that left Google patting themselves on the back as of late: Forrester just named Google AppSheet a leader in low-code platforms for business developers. GCP’s data lakehouse combines all the benefits of data warehouses and data lakes in one pretty little low-cost package. It’s accessible by a variety of processing engines, while also providing powerful management and optimization features pulling together the best of both worlds.

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Microsoft proves money speaks louder than words as they quickly (and proudly) announced a $45 billion (22%) increase in this quarter’s earnings, largely thanks to Azure. The Cloud Pod guys jest that some of that increase may be due to the fact that you can now overpay for Azure Firewall Premium in more regions. As discussed in many previous episodes of The Cloud Pod, security issues continue to take the forefront of the cloud sphere. Recognizing the growing gap in the industry, Microsoft is crafting a national community college curriculum to increase the cybersecurity workforce to an estimated 250,000 professionals by 2025. Lastly, the buzz is true: Microsoft is after the metaverse. The company announced plans for this hybrid metaverse, powered by Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces (not yet released) at Ignite 2021. All we have to say is, “watch out Facebook”. 

Tune into Episode #142 of The Cloud Pod below and get the full details of this week’s news.

This week’s episode summary brought to you by the dream that maybe Google’s lakehouse could be a real place in Microsoft’s metaverse one day.

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