The Latest and Greatest from AWS, Azure and GCP – Ep. #140

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As other members of the team are out of the office, The Cloud Pod hosts Justin Brodley and Peter Roosakos invite guest hosts Rob Martin of the FinOps Foundation and Ben Garrison of JumpCloud to pore over this week’s cloud news and keep you in the know. 

Check out our highlight reel below and level-up your cloud knowledge:

AWS Logo AWS announces a union with HashiCorp for the purpose of making developers’ DevOps lives easier. Together they are introducing not only terraform modules, but an API path that will allow users to quickly deploy AWS resources without the bulk. This week, Amazon also released a whitepaper called “Security at the Edge: Core Principles” that includes helpful security tips for AWS users across the board. Lastly, something we here at Foghorn are particularly excited about, is the new AWS Competency Partner Program Network so businesses like ours can help AWS customers get the most of their user experience. Expect to hear more from us on this front soon as we explore this possibility. GCP Logo GCP is coming to the rescue for cloud users tired of hair loss due to data loss; Google’s Cloud Data Loss Prevention is now going automatic. Stay tuned for pricing updates as more info on the automated program rolls out. There is more to make your cloud dreams come true… Have you heard of Spark? With Spark, Google customers can cut down time spent on managing Spark Clusters (which is a pain), enable data users of all levels, and retain flexibility of consumption. Just to be SURE GCP users are feelin’ the love, the company released Architectural Framework 2.0 on October 18th to help design and build workloads with even more security, reliability and scalability than ever before. As mentioned in the podcast this week, a focus on cloud security has become even more heightened as of late. Azure Logo Azure knows every dollar counts… or maybe they are beginning to. They are now offering up to 28% savings on their workloads if you purchase Azure Synapse in advance versus a pay-as-you-go structure. They are also highlighting the possibility of considerable ROI increase with Azure Machine Learning. As stated in this article, Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ “found that after investing in Azure Machine Learning, customers experienced many efficiencies in their ability to execute machine learning projects, drive greater revenue, and lower operating costs.” One piece of news that left our hosts saying, “hmmmm” is the introduction of Azure HDInsight. All capabilities point back to the idea that Azure is attempting to further restrict public access to its own products. Do with that what you will. Check out Episode #140 of The Cloud Pod below and hear what the experts have to say about this week’s news.

This week’s episode summary brought to you by a mediocre cup of coffee and the smell of money-saved due to pre-purchased Synapse. The Cloud Pod is sponsored by Foghorn Consulting and JumpCloud.

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